Scotland of Rajasthan

By Himanshu M

Mar 22, 2024

This Place is Called

Pause this slide, Take a guess Where this place could be?

1. Udaipur 2. Kota 3. Banswara 4. Mount Abu

This place is called CHACHA KOTA. Its located in Banswara (City of 100 Islands)

So, did you guess the place right?

Chacha Kota village is surrounded by lush green Aravalli hills and the backwaters of Mahi Dam.

The dome-shaped hills,  lush green farms, curvy roads at Chacha Kota, make you feel like you are in Scotland.

At Chacha Kota, Boating in the backwaters of Mahi Dam is an amazing experience.

"Chacha Kota" offers calm, soothing and heart warming travel experience, especially in monsoon.

Chacha Kota is unique. You will not find such a beautiful place anywhere in Rajasthan. I can bet!

So, when are you coming to CHACHA KOTA?

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