10 Unknown Facts About Amber Fort

By: Rajasthani Yatri

1. Amber Town

Amber takes its name from Goddess Amba Mata.

2. Silent Communication

The queen and king used to communicate secretly using a network of walls designed to transmit sound.

3. Hidden Doors

Some doors within Amber Fort are camouflaged within the designs of the walls.

4. Secret Escape Routes

Amber Fort has several escape routes which were used by the royal family during times of danger.

5. Diwan-e-Aam Pillars

These pillars emit a musical sound when tapped.

6. Magic Flower Fresco

This one masterpiece showcases seven different designs when seen from different angles.

7. Sukh Niwas Cooling System

Water was piped through waterways and fountains to keep the Fort naturally cool.

8. Kesar Kyari Bagh

Saffron was cultivated here during the reign of Maharaja Man Singh I.

9. Narsingh Haveli

Narsingh Haveli inside the fort showcases intricate frescoes and artwork.

10. Sheesh Mahal

The famous song ‘Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya,’ from the movie Mughal-e Azam was shot here.