HopUp Jaipur – India’s Best Family Fun Park (Timing, Price, Photos)

Overview: Jaipur has got a major dose of jumping joy with the arrival of HopUp – the best trampoline park in Jaipur. HopUp’s tagline “License to Madness” truly justifies the thrilling joyride experience.

HopUp Jaipur – Timings, Tickets, Fun Activities, Photos

HopUp Jaipur Timings10:30 AM to 11 PM (All days)
Hop Up Jaipur Ticket PriceNo ticket system. Buy the card, recharge it to play the games.
Hop Up Jaipur Minimum Recharge Option Price₹1200. See table below for more recharge options.
HopUp Gaming Activity Average PriceBowling – ₹299
Go Kart – ₹325
Trampoline – ₹799
HopUp Amusement Park Jaipur Opening Date7th April
HopUp Fun Activities or games in Jaipur1. Trampoline, VR Games
2. Rope course, Wall climbing
3. Laser game, Bowling
4. Shooting, Arcade games
5. Go carting, Action games
HopUp Park Jaipur Food CourtYes, there is a food court where you can eat.
HopUp Adventure Park Jaipur Phone+91-9251005950
HopUp Jaipur AddressEntertainment Paradise, Near Jawahar circle Jaipur
HopUp Jaipur ParkingDecent Parking Available

Hop Up Jaipur Ticket Price

You need to buy a card and recharge it to enjoy the games or activities.

There are two recharge options available at HopUp Park Jaipur. Normal and Power recharge.

Both options offer multiple recharge amount options which you can find in the table below.

After the recharge you receive credits or points that gets deducted at every activity/game that you play.

If you use all credits/points you can top up by paying more.

Normal Recharge Options:

Recharge AmountTotal Credits/Points
1. ₹1200 – Get 1000 + 200 Bonus Total 1200 credits
2. ₹2500 – Get 2100 Credits + 400 BonusTotal 2500 credits
3. ₹5000 – Get 5000 Credits + 500 BonusTotal 5500 credits

Power Recharge Options:

Recharge AmountTotal Credits/Points
1. ₹10,000 – Get 13,000 + 1000 Bonus Total 14,000 credits
2. ₹25,000 – Get 32,000 Credits + 3000 BonusTotal 35,000 credits
3. ₹50,000 – Get 80,000 Credits + 20,000 BonusTotal 1,00,000 credits

Bounce into Adventure at HopUp – Trampoline Park!

This exciting indoor amusement park promises thrilling adventures for all ages. From high-flying trampolines and obstacle courses to exhilarating VR games and classic arcade fun, everything is here to make you happy.

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Image: VR Games and Experiences

Whether you’re planning a family outing, a birthday bash, or just an adrenaline-pumping afternoon with friends, HopUp (India’s largest family entertainment park) is set to be Jaipur’s ultimate family entertainment center in Jaipur.

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Go kart hope up
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Best Fun Things to do in Jaipur: Go Karting at HopUp Entertainment Park

Looking for Fun Activities in Jaipur?

bowling indoor game
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Photos: HopUp Bowling Indoor Game

Jaipur boasts several fantastic fun places in Jaipur, including PUNO – Adventure & Trampoline Park, VR Theme Park, KK Fun Park, and more.

These indoor amusement parks offer hours of jumping fun on trampolines, alongside exciting obstacle courses, and even zip lines.

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Things to Do at Hop Up Trampoline Park Jaipur

  1. Open Hop
  2. Dodgeball
  3. Basketball Dunking
  4. Ninja Warrior Course
  5. Fitness Classes
  6. Slam Dunk Lanes
  7. Toddler Area
  8. Birthday Parties and Events
  9. Competitions and Events
  10. Foam Pit Hoping

HopUp – Celebrate in Style

hopup restaurant
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HopUp Restaurant

HopUp trampoline park in Jaipur offers exciting party packages. You can celebrate birthdays, Kitty parties, corporate events, kids party and family get togethers.

HopUp Amusement Park – Things to Remember

  1. Wear comfortable clothes that let’s you enjoy the games.
  2. It is must to wear anti-slip socks. You can buy these at HopUp Park.
  3. Follow the safety instructions at HopUp park. Don’t be a hero.
  4. Eat light and one hour before coming to HopUp trampoline park.
  5. Be kind to other people. Enjoy the games, have fun together.

How to Reach Hop Up Jaipur?

HopUp adventure park Jaipur is centrally located in Jaipur, so Its easy to reach here.

By Public Transport

By Bus

There are many buses available from different areas of Jaipur. Bus no. 3 and 8 can take you near HopUp Jaipur.

By Auto rickshaw and cab

You can take auto-rickshaw or cab from any area of Jaipur and come here at HopUp Jaipur. Auto or cab might charge you between ₹50 to ₹300, depending on the distance. There is no metro line on this route.

By Car/Bike

Just type HopUp Jaipur in your Google maps app and follow the route. You can easily reach this amusement destination within 60 minutes from any part of Jaipur.

Remember: In the evening, you may have to deal with city traffic on the roads. Pick JLN marg for a comparatively smoother drive.

Hope Up Jaipur – FAQ

What is the minimum amount to enjoy games at HopUp Park Jaipur?

Minimum recharge option is ₹1200. You can recharge your HopUp card and enjoy the games.

Is it safe to enjoy trampoline games at HopUp Park Jaipur?

Yes, it is safe to enjoy trampoline games at HopUp. All the staff is well trained.

Is HopUp Park suitable for all age groups?

Yes, there are activities and games for every age groups. Young gids, teenagers and adults they all can enjoy games.

Is there a restaurant at HopUp Jaipur?

Yes, there is a restaurant where you can enjoy tasty food. For food you have to pay extra. Food is not included in ticket.

What activities are available at Hop Up Park Jaipur?

You can enjoy activities like VR games, Bowling, arcade games, go-karting and many family entertainment activities at Hop Up entertainment park in Jaipur.

Is there parking available at Hop Up Park Jaipur?

Yes, there is decent parking available at HopUp amusement park Jaipur.

Can I celebrate my birthday at Hop Up Park Jaipur?

Yes, you can celebrate your birthday at Hop Up Jaipur. They offer a birthday party package. Contact them to know more.

Get Ready to Bounce! HopUp, An Exciting Trampoline Park, Arrives in Jaipur

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