City Park, Kota (Oxygen Park) – Timings, Ticket, Photos, Attractions

City Park/Oxyzone Park : Garden of Joy – Key Information

Oxyzone City Park, Kota timings12 PM to 10 PM
Oxyzone City Park, Kota ticket price₹‎100/person
₹‎50 for students ( You need to show a valid student ID)
₹‎300 Monthly pass 
₹400/person for foreigner
City Park Kota, ticket booking ModeOffline
Where to get ticket for City ParkAt the ticket counter
City Park Parking ChargesCar Parking: ₹50, Bike Parking: ₹20
Camera Charges₹5000
Shikara Boat Ride Charges₹150/person
Private Boat Charges (8 Seater)₹2000/hour
Golf Cart Charges₹200/person
Shuttle Cart Charges₹100/person
Private Golf Cart₹1000/hour
Vintage Cart Ride₹2000 for two hours
Playground Zone Fee₹50/hour for kids upto 11 year old, Only one guardian allowed with one kid
Facilities at Oxyzone City Park, Kota– Drinking water
– Golf carts for park tours
– Public Toilets
– Restaurant & café
– Food Stalls
– Parking area 
Oxygen Park/City Park, Kota addressInstrumentation Limited Colony, Kota, Rajasthan 324005
⛔ Things Not Allowed in Park– Food
– Snacks
– Tobacco products

Remember: You may find long queue at the ticket counter. Hundreds of people are visiting City Park each day. So keep that in mind.

Kota’s Chambal Garden and 7 Wonder Garden (Kota park) are already increasing the beauty of Kota city, but now another magnificent garden is improving the glory of Kota.

Kota’s Oxyzone City Park is open for people from 13 Sep, 2023. Cheers! 🙂

You might be wondering how this Kota city park is different from other like 7 Wonder Park or Chambal Garden?

Well friends this eco-friendly oxygen park has many modern facilities which makes it unique compared to other traditional parks.

So, without wasting your time here  I am sharing detailed information related to Oxyzone City Park, Kota.

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13 Interesting Things to do at Oxyzone City Park, Kota

  1. Enjoy the ambience of this newly launched oxygen park.
  2. Organize a picnic in the park with your loved ones.
  3. Stay fit by exercising in the open gym & fetch maximum oxygen.
  4. At night, enjoy the show at upside down pyramid.
  5. Take a walk in oval shaped aviary and watch several species of birds.
  6. Take a romantic Shikara boat ride in the lake.
  7. Play with kids in the kids zone to boost immunity.
  8. Eat the delicious food at the hilltop glass restaurant.
  9. Walk with your kids in fountain alley and enjoy with them.
  10. Watch swimming ducks in the pond and wonder about life.
  11. Enjoy the beautiful night view of the glasshouse.
  12. Enjoy the live concerts, music shows in the open theatre. (If happening)
  13. Click memorable photos & selfies with your friends and family.

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City Park Kota (Oxygen Park) – Attractions, In a Nutshell

1. Health Zone: Features an open gym7. Duck Pond: Where beautiful ducks swim and enjoy.
2. Flower Street: Tress of Peepal, Banyan, Neem, Gulmohar etc8. Shrub Zone: Diverse collection of shrubs makes the park look amazing.
3. Beautiful Circles: Save Earth Circle, Tree man Circle, Mayur Chowk, and Kinetic Rotary9. Bird Aviary: Several species of birds reside. At night aviary display splendid lights.
4. 1200 meter Canal: Where you can enjoy Shikara boat ride10. Shikara Boats: That offers a pleasure ride and takes your heart to Kashmir.
5. Food court and cafe: From South Indian to Chinese dishes, everything is here.11. Kids Zone: Where kids rejoice and play.
6. Bridges: Wooden bridge and stone bridge leading to beautiful path.12. Amphitheater: Where audience enjoy the live show and concerts.

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About Oxyzone City Park, Kota

Oxyzone park Kota opening date is 13th September 2023.

Oxyzone city park Kota area is developed in the area of 71 arcs at the cost of 120 crores. 

72 percent of the park’s area is green area planted with beautiful plants and flowers. the oxyzone park Kota park acts as an oxygen factory for the city.

The remaining 16 percent area is covered with artificial ponds, lakes and sculpture .

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Bird Aviary at City Park Kota

Interesting Fact: More than 2 lakh trees are planted in Kota oxygen park, to give pure oxygen to the city dwellers for 8 kilometres.

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Green landscape, an artificial water lake with a bridge, different birds, and fountains are creating mesmerizing aura at Oxyzone park.

This unique Oxygen garden has something to serve everyone in Kota.

oxyzone city park earth
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Beautiful Oxyzone City Park Kota

For example 

  • For fitness lovers, it has big jogging tracks and an open gym.
  • For photography enthusiasts, it has several beautiful locations that are worth capturing.
  • For families, it has a big green landscape area where they can enjoy day-out picnics.
  • For kids, It has a large playing area which includes swings and slides to play and enjoy their time.

All these things together make it a perfect hangout place in Kota.

Top City Park Attractions – What do to at City Park Kota

Fact: A forest of almond trees is developed at City Park, Kota. You can enjoy sitting in the middle of this forest and improve your health.

1. Lakes and Shikara Boats

City Park Shikara Boats
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Shikara Boat Ride at City Park Kota

In the middle of the oxygen park, a 1200-meter artificial lake is made and 38 different monuments are installed in the citypark Kota are visible from the lake.

So don’t miss to enjoy Shikara rides in Kota and feel like being in valley of Kashmir.

By sitting in these boats, tourists can roam around a 1200-meter-long winding lake built in the Kota city park area and can enjoy the beautiful views of the entire city park of Kota.

Shikara Boating Charges: ₹150 per person.

Private Boat Charges (8 seater): ₹2000/hour

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2. Ramp Bridge

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Beautiful Bridge Improving the Beauty of Kota’s City Park

A ramp bridge is built over the lake from which people can go to the other side. A bridge is decorated with beautiful lights.

People can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the garden and lake from the top of this bridge. 

The view from the bridge is even more fantastic at night when the whole area lights up.

Taking pictures with friends is a must when you get such a wonderful background.

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3. Art Hill and Glass Top Restaurant

oxyzone city park water stream
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An artificial hill structureis built in Oxyzone City Park which is unique in itself. It is 625 feet long and 100 feet wide.

Two doors are there for entry and exit in Art Hill.

Thousands of people can gather together in this unique structure. This artificial remains cool even without AC.

A glass-top restaurant is built about 115 feet above the hill. Fifty people are able to enjoy the delicious dishes here while watching the view of the whole oxyzone city park kota. 

Glass design lifts are also installed for movement in this glass-top restaurant. 

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4. Inverted Pyramid

city park kota pyramid night show
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Photo: Inverted LED Pyramid Displaying Videos

An inverted pyramid made of white marble is placed here. 

The pyramid rests on the ground on the triangular part. It will work like a LED screen. Videos and advertisements are played on this pyramid LED screen. 

It acts as an open theatre here . People can sit around and can gets update about the city.

For this, four projectors are installed around it. The picture will look the same from all four corners.

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5. Duck Pond and Lotus Pond

city park fountain body
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5 different ponds are made in the Kota oxyzone park.

Out of which Duck Pond and Lotus Pond are especially attracting youngsters and children.

Duck Pond
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Swimming ducks and blossoming lotus will fascinate your mind.

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6. Kids Play Zone

city park kota kids play area
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A separate kid’s play zone is made for the children coming to the ozone park Kota.

Where different types of swings are installed. 

Along with this, a maze is also made, so that children can be entertained.

Kids Play Zone Charges: ₹50/kid upto 11 years (Only 1 guardian allowed with one kid)

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7. Open Gym

Now you don’t have to spend lots of money on gym. 

Oxyzone city park has an open gym. Several exercising equipment are installed in the oxyzone city park Kota.

You can now enjoy exercise in fresh oxygenated air and reach your fitness goals, amid blooming flowers, chanting birds and a calm atmosphere.

What can be more wonderful than this? Isn’t it?

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8. Glass House

Glasshouse architecture is also fascinating people in the city park. It is constructed very beautifully.

Whole glass house sparkles with lights in the night.

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city park kota glass house night view
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Photo: Glass House, City Park Kota

Standing like a crown between the greenery the beauty of this glass house will leave you in awe

If you are fond of taking pictures then you will love this glass house.

9. Kinetic Tower

The Kinetic Tower is also the center of attraction among the people.

It is designed in such a way that it will move with the wind.

Kinetic Circle is an amazing combination of engineering and technology.

Here you will be able to destress yourself and can enjoy a serene atmosphere.

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10. The Food Court

Food Court is a great place in City Park Kota to eat delicious food. There are several fast food options available the 6 shops.

Prices of some food items are:

Food ItemPrice
Chole Bhature₹100/2 pcs
Vada Pav₹50
Idli Sambhar₹70/2 pcs
Cold Coffee₹70
Veg Pizza₹130
city park fountains
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Image: Beautiful Fountain Oxyzone City Park, Kota

Top 5 Free Activities you can do at Oxyzone City Park

Oxyzone City Park is a place where every age group can enjoy multiple activities. I have selected the top 5 of them and listed them below.

 I am sure it will help you to maximize the joy of visiting the Oxyzone City Park.

1. Jogging & Outdoor games

Oxyzone City Parkis a great place for physical activities like jogging and walking.

You can also enjoy playing outdoor games such as badminton, volleyball, frisbee etc with family and friends.

Fact: There is a path of more than five kilometres in the park, through which one can roam around in the park. Apart from this, a walking and cycling track is also made for the residents of the city, which will be one and a half kilometres long.

2. Karaoke

This is a fun activity getting popular at the park. You can organize karaoke sessions at Oxyzone city park with family and friends.

So, if you are also a person who loves music and singing then you can plan such fun activities. You will get a free audience. 😉

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3. Cycling

Cycling is one such great aerobic exercise which keeps you fit physically and mentally. You can also enjoy cycling at Oxyzone City Park.

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4. Picnic with Family

Oxyzone City Park is a perfect place to come for a picnic with family and friends. The large green space can accommodate many families. You can also enjoy tasty food with nature. 

Note: Drinking water and food facilities are available inside the park premises and you are not allowed to take any edible items inside.

5. Click memorable photos

Oxyzone City Park is a cinematic place where you can click thousands of photos. Couples can come here for pre-wedding, post-wedding, and pre-pregnancy photoshoots.

There are several locations and settings where a photographer can click mesmerizing photos.

city park kota building water reflection
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Gorgeous Park in Kota

Oxyzone City Park Map

Oxyzone Park Map1
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Map of City Park Kota

City Park Kota (Oxyzone Kota) photos- oxyzone park photos

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Final Thoughts

The beauty of Oxyzone City Park is beyond expectations. The Plantations are very nice and the statues here are even more beautiful. 

So, if you haven’t visited the Oxyzone Park of Kota city yet, then  plan a visit today & enjoy.

City Park Kota – FAQ

1. Is there daily pass available for City Park, Kota?

Yes, the daily pass is available. Talk to the park authorities to get it.


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