Menal Waterfall – Your Next Travel Destination in Rajasthan (Entry Free)

Overview: Menal Waterfall is a majestic 150-foot natural waterfall located in the Menal Village of Rajasthan. It’s surrounded by lush green mountains and offers a stunning display of sparkling white water. During the monsoon season, it becomes a perfect picnic spot. Here are some important details that must check before going there.

Menal Waterfall Chittorgarh – Timings, Ticket Price, Address, Attractions

Menal Waterfall Timings24 Hrs Open
Menal Waterfall Ticket PriceFree
Best time to visit Menal Waterfall Near BhilwaraDuring Monsoon (July to September)
Menal Waterfall Attractions1. Majestic waterfall
2. 11th century Lord Shiva temple
3. Stunning architecture of the temple
4. Scenic beauty of the nature
5. Popular place for family picnic
Menal Waterfall Height150 Feet
Menal Waterfall Chittorgarh – Duration to visit2-4 Hours
Things to carry at Menal WaterfallUmbrella, UV sunglasses, Food, Drinking Water, Camera, Cap, Raincoat, First Aid Kit
Menal Waterfall Location📍NH 27, Menal, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan 312023
Menal Waterfall Reviews4.5/5 (3500+ Visitor Reviews)
Menal Waterfall – Google Map Link
Menal Waterfall ParkingAmple parking space at Menal Waterfall & nearby area
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Menal Waterfall

Hotels/Resorts Near Menal Waterfall

  1. Menal Resort: Located near the temple and waterfall, this resort offers a serene atmosphere. Book Now
  2. Tirupati Resort & Water Park: A budget-friendly option with a water park. Book Now
  3. New Sanwariya Resort: This resort is another option to consider. Book Now
Menal Waterfall Beautiful View
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Menal Waterfall Beautiful View

Menal Waterfall Adventure – Travel Packing Checklist

The joy of visiting Menal waterfall can be spoiled if your are not travel ready.

Thus, you must travel with essential travel items. It improves the overall visit of Menal waterfall.

Find the necessary travel items below that you must carry when visiting this mesmerizing waterfall in Rajasthan.

  1. Extra dry clothes
  2. Sunglasses
  3. Cap or Hat
  4. Umbrella
  5. Raincoat

6. Snacks

7. Comfortable Shoes

8. First Aid Box

9. Power Bank

10. Any important travel items for you

Menal Waterfall Temple
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Menal Waterfall Temple

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10 Things to Remember at Menal Waterfall

  1. Walk slowly on rocky surface or you might slip.
  2. Waterfall is functional in rainy season, rest of the time its dry.
  3. If you are going with children, then take extra caution of their whereabouts.
  4. Avoid bathing if waterfall when is muddy. (There could be small pebbles in it.)
  5. There are monkeys near temple and waterfall. Take care of your belongings.
  6. Don’t leave YOUR trash behind. Its YOUR responsibility to keep the Menal waterfall area clean.
  7. Drive slow during the monsoon.
  8. Some days are crowded at Menal Waterfall. Be ready for it.
  9. Ber nice to other tourists and travelers. Don’t argue, fight with other. Its worthless.
  10. Don’t let the fun go away because of obstacles. Just be careful and have fun.

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Menal Waterfall – Photos

Menal Waterfall Lush Green Mountains
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Menal Waterfall Lush Green Mountains
Menal Waterfall Dry
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Menal Waterfall – When it is Dry.
Menal Waterfall Gorgeous Temple Sculpture
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Menal Waterfall Gorgeous Temple Sculpture
Menal Waterfall Temple Ruins
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Menal Waterfall Temple Ruins
Menal Waterfall Temple Evening View
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Menal Waterfall Temple Evening View
Menal Waterfall Sweet Corn Seller
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Menal Waterfall Sweet Corn Seller
Menal Waterfall Drone View
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Menal Waterfall Drone View

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Menal Waterfall – Distance

Menal Waterfall is well connected with other big cities of Rajasthan. Some nearby cities are Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Kota, Bhilwara etc.

  • Menal Waterfall Distance from Chittorgarh: 70 KM
  • Menal Waterfall Distance from Kota: 90 KM
  • Menal Waterfall Distance from Bhilwara: 65 KM
  • Menal Waterfall Distance from Udaipur: 165 KM
  • Menal Waterfall Distance from Jaipur: 260 KM

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How to Reach Menal Waterfall

Hiring a Taxi

You can drive your car/bike or hire a taxi from nearby cities like Chittorgarh, Bhilwara etc.

By Private Vehicle

This is probably the easiest way to reach Menal Waterfall. NH 27 is the highway that will take you to Menal. You can also check Google Map Location (Link Above in Table) of Menal.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Menal is in Chittorgarh or Bhilwara. From the train station, you can hire a taxi or take a bus to Menal.

By Bus

RSRTC (Rajasthan Roadways) and private bus operators operate buses from various cities to Menal Waterfall in Rajasthan. The nearest major bus stands are in Chittorgarh and Bhilwara.

Menal Waterfall – FAQs

1. On which river is Menal waterfall situated?

Menal Waterfall is located on river Menali in Rajasthan.

2. What is the history of Menal waterfall?

The Menal Waterfall in Rajasthan has a rich history dating back to the 11th century, with architecturally significant temples built by Saint Bhavbrahma near its cascades.

3. Which is the highest waterfall in Rajasthan?

Bheelberi Waterfall (180 feet high) is the highest waterfall in Rajasthan.

4. Which railway station is near to Menal waterfall?

Bhilwara and Chittorgarh are the nearest railway station to Menal Waterfall.

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