Khazana Mahal Jaipur- A Unique Exhibit (Timings, Tickets, Photos)

Overview: Khazana Mahal Jaipur Museum is a unique tourist place in Jaipur – Pink City. It is a treasure trove of different gems and jewels. Check Khazana Mahal top attractions, tickets, timings, photos etc.

Khazana Mahal Jaipur- Tickets, Timings, Parking

Khazana Mahal Jaipur Timings9 AM to 6:30 PM (Monday to Sunday)
Khazana Mahal Museum Ticket Price₹350/person (Children below 5 years are free to enter)
Khazana Mahal Zip Line Ticket Price₹150/person
Khazana Mahal Museum AddressGurjar Ghati, Parshurampuri, Near Jal Mahal, Jaipur 302002
Khazana Mahal Jaipur Phone Number+91-9783231953
Khazana Mahal AmenitiesToilets, Wheelchair-accessible, Parking
Khazana Mahal Tourist Rating4.5 (Reviewed by 6000+ Tourists)
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Khazana Mahal Ticket and Booklet

Khazana Mahal Museum is housed in a 100-year-old restored heritage haveli. It showcases over 2000 precious stones, crystals, meteorites, antique jewelry, fossilized shell, paintings, and historical artifacts.

The main attractions for tourists are the World’s biggest 111 kg ring, floating stones of Ram Setu, and a replica of the Kohinoor diamond.

This museum offers a glimpse into India’s rich heritage of gems and craftsmanship.

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Khazana Mahal Museum – Introductory Video Tour

khazana mahal jaipur posters
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Posters

The Khazana Mahal tour starts with an engaging video presentation in a mini theatre. It tells you about the Khazana Mahal’s attractions, history, the captivating journey from raw stone to exquisite jewel, and other activities.

This video prepares you for the Khazana Mahal tour. With the help of the video, you can plan about ‘what to see’ & ‘what to skip’ according to your interest.

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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Museum – Top 11 Things to See & Enjoy

khazana mahal jaipur darbar hall
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Darbar Hall

Khazana Mahal shows many interesting things to tourists from gemstones to zipline. Let’s check.

1. Wide Collection of Gems and Jewelry

jewelry at khazana mahal museum
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur – Jewelry Section
khazana mahal jaipur creative tribal jewelry section
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Creative Tribal Jewelry Section

Khazana Mahal Museum has 2000+ pieces of real and rare gemstones and jewelry of 50+ different types. This includes precious stones, antique jewelry, and contemporary pieces. Every stone kept here has a wonderful story.

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Some major stones and Jewelry name includes Jasper stone, Navratna gemstones, ruby gemstones, tortoise-shaped sugilite gemstone and many more.

Tourists who are interested in jewelry, and gemstones must visit this spot in Pink City. Khazana Mahal can easily bring a big smile to girls and women.

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2. The World’s Largest Finger Ring

khazana mahal largest ring of the world
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Khazana Mahal Largest Ring of the World

Pink City’s Khazana Mahal boasts a massive ring adorned with a whopping 111 kg of Ashtadhatu (eight metals) and semi-precious stones.

This ring is the world’s largest finger ring. This ring’s height is 4.5 Feet, Width is 3.5 Feet. This ring looks beautiful in the picture, and stunning in reality.

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3. Replica of the Kohinoor Diamond

Khazana mahal kohinoor diamond replica
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Photo: Khazana Mahal Kohinoor Diamond Replica

Khazana Mahal Museum has a replica of the “Kohinoor – Mountain of Light”, one of the most famous diamonds in the world.

Interesting Fact: The original Kohinoor diamond currently weighs 105.6 carats (21.12 grams). It used to be much larger, at 191 carats (38.20 grams), before being recut in 1852 to enhance its brilliance.

4. Infinity Mirrored Room

khazana mahal jaipur infinity mirror room
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Infinity Mirror Room

The infinity room is the favorite of kids and youths. There are countless mirrors installed in this room. In this room, you can see your reflection multiplied to infinity. The mirror room creates a mesmerizing experience for visitors. This is a must-visit place in Khazana Mahal Jaipur.

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5. Ram-Setu Floating Stones

ram setu floating stones at khazana mahal
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Image: Ram Setu Floating Stones at Khazana Mahal

Khazana Mahal showcases the “Floating Stones” of Ram-Setu. These stones were used by Lord Ram and his army to build the famous floating bridge to enter Lanka to kill Ravana.

Interesting Fact: Ram Setu still exists as a 48 km long structure made of natural limestone shoals.

6. Replica of Miss Universe Crown

You can also see the beautiful replica of the Miss Universe crown at the Khazana Mahal Museum. Those who desire to participate in this beauty pageant should see this crown for motivation.

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7. Replica of the Diamond “Heart of the Ocean”

heart of the ocean diamond wore by Kate Winslet
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Heart of the Ocean Diamond Wore by Kate Winslet in the Movie Titanic
khazana mahal jaipur diamond replica section
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Diamond Replica Section

Do you remember Kate Winslet wearing the blue color diamond in the movie Titanic?

It was gorgeous, right?

A replica of the same Titanic diamond is available at the Khazana Mahal Museum.

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8. The 100 Year Old Haveli

The 100-year-old haveli itself is a great reason to visit the Khazana Mahal Museum. The Rajasthani and Mughal architecture of the Haveli can easily take you to the old era of class and elegance.

9. Zip Line

activities at khazana mahal jaipur
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Photos: Activities at Khazana Mahal Jaipur

For adventure lovers, there is a zip line that can boost the adrenaline flowing in your body. Although, you have to pay extra (₹150) to enjoy the zip line.

Anyway, there are not many places where you can enjoy a zip line in Jaipur, so, visiting Khazana Mahal is worth.

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10. Beyond Gems and Jewelry

khazana mahal jaipur clay pot making
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Clay Pot Making

The main attraction at Khazana Mahal is gemstones and jewelry but it offers something for everyone. Some exhibits show traditional games, puppet shows, magic shows, pottery-making, and cultural dances of Rajasthan.

11. Bollywood Jewelry

khazana mahal jaipur bollywood jewelry section
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Image: Khazana Mahal Jaipur Bollywood Jewelry Section

The collection shows Bollywood movie jewelry such as the iconic ‘necklace’ worn by Salman Khan in the movie “Veer” and ‘Paranda jewelry’ worn by Madhuri Dixit in the movie “Devdas”.

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Some More Attractions That You Will Love at Khazana Mahal Jaipur

khazana mahal jaipur bridal jewelry section
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Bridal Jewelry Section
khazana mahal jaipur doli & paintings
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Photo: Khazana Mahal Jaipur Doli & Paintings
  • Meteorite – A stone came from outer space.
  • Solah Sringar – A collection of bridal jewelry.
  • Old Paintings of Jaipur – Shows how Jaipur looked in old times.
  • Photography and Selfie Points – Where you can take beautiful pictures with fr4iends and family.

Khazana Mahal Pink City Museum Photos

khazana mahal jaipur swing of love
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Swing of Love
khazana mahal jaipur photography point
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Photography Point
khazana mahal jaipur colorful scooter photography point
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Colorful Scooter Photography Point
khazana mahal jaipur elephant selfie point
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Elephant Selfie Point
khazana mahal jaipur postcard collection
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Khazana Mahal Jaipur Photo: Postcard Collection

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