Chambal Riverfront, Kota (Boating, Tickets, Photos, Things to do)

chambal river front kota featured banner

Chambal River Front – Ticket Booking

Chambal River Front Visit Timings10 AM to 10 PM
Riverfront Entry Closing TimeEntry Closes at 8:30 PM
Ticket Booking ModeOffline
Chambal Riverfront Open ZoneEast & West Zone
Chambal Riverfront Entry GateEast Side – Nayapura Ghat & Barrage Garden
West Side – Shaurya Chowk 

Update: Free ticket for Kota citizens are not available. The offer was valid until 30 Nov, 2023.

Official Website For Ticket (Website is not working)

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Chambal Riverfront – Paid Ticket Booking

Ticket Price for Non-Kota Residents₹200/person,
₹100 for students
“Paid Ticket” Booking ModeOffline, Get paid ticket at Riverfront counter
Car Parking Charges₹50
Chambal River Cruise Price₹1500/person (meals included)
Shuttle E-Cart ChargesApproximately ₹100/person

Chambal Riverfront Kota – Boating Charges

Note: There is no boating ticket required for children below 5 years of age. Boat ride is FREE for them.

Boat TypePrice
1. Speed Boat₹500/person
2. Pontoon Sofa Boat₹200/person
3. Power Heritage Boat₹200/person
chambal river front entry
Photo: Chambal River Front Entry

Chambal Riverfront – Facilities, Zone to visit, Duration

Facilities at Chambal River Front– Toilets at every corner
– Drinking water booths
– Shops
Which Riverfront zone is more beautiful?East Zone
Time taken to explore the riverfront3-5 Hours
baori at chambal river front kota
Photo: Beautiful Chambal Riverfront Baori

Chambal Riverfront – Ticket Cancellation

Cancellation of TicketsNo partial or full cancellations allowed for tickets.
Refund for TicketsNo refund is provided for tickets.
Change of visiting date after bookingOnce booked, change in visiting date is not allowed. 

Chambal Riverfront – Helpline Number

Chambal River Front Developed byUrban Improvement Trust – UIT Kota
UIT Kota Chambal River front helplinePhone: 0744-2500733

Popularity of Riverfront: 5,32,000 (5.32 Lakh) tourists visited Chambal Riverfront in last four months (since Sep 2023). That means 1,33,000 each month. Amazing, isn’t it?
Data Source: Rajasthan Patrika

Chambal Riverfront – Rules & Regulations

  1. Don’t enter into restricted areas.
  2. Photography & video recording for commercial purpose is not allowed.
  3. Drone flying is not allowed.
  4. Posting notices, signs on monuments at Chambal riverfront is not allowed.
  5. Don’t misbehave with riverfront staff.
  6. Touching the monuments is not allowed.
beautiful pathway chambal riverfront
Photo: Fountain Chambal River Front, Kota

Chambal Riverfront Daily Shows – Timings & Place

Riverfront Daily ShowTiming
1. Kota Fountain Show
Place: Barrage Garden, East Zone
8:00 PM & 9:00 PM
2. India Fountain Show 
Place: Fawara Chowk, East Zone
7:30 PM, 8:30 PM, & 9:30 PM
3. Carnival Parade
Place: Shourya Chowk & Rajputana Ghat, West Zone
7:00 PM, 9:00 PM
4. Chambal Mata Aaarti
Place: Chambal Mata Ghat, East Zone
1 Nov to 28 Feb – 6:15 PM
1 Mar to 31 Oct – 7:00 PM
5. Cultural Shows
Place: Rangmanch, East Zone
6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM
6. Dancing Water Show
Place: East Zone
6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM
cultural performance at chambal river front kota
Photo: Cultural Dance Performance at Riverfront Kota

Chambal River Front – Food Options

Chambal riverfront is big and requires a lot of walking. To keep the energy level high, you need small bites. Inside the river front of Kota there are food shops and stalls available.

chambal river front house of candy shop
Photo: Riverfront Kota Shops

You can also enjoy delicious food at Amar Punjabi food court. From North Indian, South Indian to Chinese, there are many food varieties available.

Some of the food options that you can find on the west and east side are listed below with their approximate price.

Masala Tea₹20
Veg. Burger₹60
Veg. Sandwich₹80
French Fries₹70
Pizza Fingers₹80

At the shop “House of candy”, you can try different candies. Children are going to love a vast variety of multicolour candies. Although, price of the candy is on a higher side.

Best Time to Visit Chambal Riverfront, Kota

Both east and west zones of Chambal riverfront are beautiful. They offer memorable journey experience to the tourist of Chambal riverfront.

artists at chambal river front kota
Photo: Chambal Riverfront artists

Both the zones have numerous tourist spots where you can chill, relax and wonder about this marvel of modern architecture.

To get the best out of your visit to Chambal river front, I would suggest to visit both zones at different times.

East ZoneWest Zone
Best time to visit: EveningBest time to visit: Evening
What to Enjoy in Evening:
– Great shows at evening
– Kota fountain show
– India fountain show
– Chambal mata aarti
– Evening vibe
– Nayapura garden
– Sathiya ghat
– Utsav ghat
– Kanak mahal
– Fawwara ghat
What to Enjoy in Evening:
– Beautiful monuments
– Nandi ghat
– Geeta ghat
– Vaidik ghat
– Carnival parade
– Shourya Chowk
– Rajputana Ghat
– Haathi ghat

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What is Chambal riverfront opening date?

Chambal riverfront is opening on 12 Sep, 2023 for all the people.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, along with the entire Rajasthan cabinet, have been invited to the inauguration program.

Government in Rajasthan has also appointed Deepika & Ranveer as the brand ambassador for promoting tourism of Kota.

Things to See at Chambal Riverfront

1. Vaidik Ghat2. Nandi Ghat
3. Dashavtar4. Geeta Ghat
5. Shaurya Stambh6. Singh Ghat
7. Jannati Darwaza8. Shanti Ghat
9. Jugnu Ghat10. Rajputana Ghat
11. Hadoti Ghat12. Mahatma Gandhi Setu
13. Jawahar Ghat14. Kanak Mahal
15. Maru Ghat16. Jantar-Mantar Ghat
17. Ganesh Pol18. Chambal Mata Ghat
19. Vishwa Maitri Ghat20. Chambal Maata Aarti
21. Vrandavan Udhyan22. Sahitya Ghat
23. Haathi Ghat24. Fawara Ghat
25. Utsav Ghat26. Nayapura Bawadi
27. Kota Fountain Show28. India Fountain Show

Interesting Fact: Chambal riverfront, Kota is world’s first heritage riverfront.

Things to do at Chambal Riverfront, Kota

  • Get thrilled by carnival parade at Shaurya chowk.
  • Enjoy boating in Chambal river
  • Have a picnic in the garden with family.
  • Enjoy the Kota fountain show at barrage garden.
  • Get excited and watch India fountain show at Fawara chowk.
  • Watch folk dance shows and cultural shows.
  • Take a walk along the beautiful waterfront.
  • Get spiritual and take a part in Chambal mata aarti.
  • Be happy and watch dancing water show at east zone.
  • Eat the delicious food at the food court.
  • Witness the mesmerizing sunset over the Chambal River.
  • Take incredible selfies and pictures at every corner of River front.
  • Experience the wonderful Rajasthani culture and art.
  • Enjoy the beautiful night vibe at one of the best tourist place of Kota.
  • Explore detailed architectures and buildings of different countries.
  • Sit at different ghats and soak in the nature near Chambal river.

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Things to keep in mind before visiting Chambal Riverfront

  • Chambal river front is 80% complete.
  • Water park is not open for public yet.
  • You can get wet at some areas of Chambal riverfront.
  • Eatables such as food, snacks is not allowed.
  • Tobacco products such as cigarette, Gutka etc not allowed.
  • The riverfront is huge, a lot of walking is required. So, eat small bites and stay hydrated.
  • Thousands of people visiting Chambal river front so book your slot in advance.

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Kota, a charismatic city of Rajasthan, lies on the bank of the Chambal River. 

chambal riverfront garden and gate

Kota is famous for Kota Doriya Sarees, Kota Stone and Kota Kachori.

Although Kota is also known as an educational hub of Rajasthan, now the government is making many modern tourist attractions to promote tourism in Kota.

Oxyzone City Park and Kota Choupati is already a talk of town, but now another name is added to it.

Yes, you heard it right!

The Chambal River Front Project, which is constructed between Kota Barrage to Nayapura Pulia on the Chambal River is now ready and open for everyone.

chambal riverfront south indian temple

This world-class heritage riverfront in Kota, being built at the cost of 1200 crores, is unique in itself.

The unique attractions at Kota riverfront has started breaking many records already.

So let’s know more about Chambal river front in detail.

Kota Riverfront – Ambiance that will delights you with Rajasthani Art

jaipur monuments at chambal river front

Chambal River Front provides a glimpse of Rajasthan’s royal heritage and architecture. 

Three huge wide gates are built in different directions for the public entrance. Due to this, you don’t have to travel around the city to enter the riverfront. You can pick any gate to enter in the riverfront.

All three gates are decorated with different statues, architecture, cenotaphs and flower pots, which surely mesmerize you.

Huge parking lots are developed at all three gates for two-wheelers and four-wheelers.

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Top 10 Attractions At Chambal Riverfront

The 6 km long Chambal river front has many attractions on both sides of the river. 

Let’s check out top 10 tourist attractions at Kota river front.

chambal riverfront fountain

1. Musical Fountain

A total of 26 fountains are built on the riverfront. These fountains creates a calm environment which attracts thousands of tourists everyday.

chambal riverfront musical fountain
chambal river front fountain

There is a musical fountain developed at Barrage Garden, It is inspired by the Magic Fountain of Barcelona, Spain.

It has 154 pumps as well as 9 types of effects.

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2. Idol of Chambal Mata

chambal mata - chambal river front kota

There is an Idol of Chambal Mata made up of white marble near this musical fountain.

The water flowing from the pot with help of 5 pumps of 310 HP capacity creates a stunning view at the huge statue of Chambal Mata.

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There is a Lagoon Fountain on the east zone of Kota Chambal riverfront. The fountain is equipped with 17 pumps of 370 HP and different types of lights.

Chambal River Gate View

3. Chambal Riverfront Bell

Note: The bell is not ready yet, its work is in progress. It will soon be available for sighting.

The world’s largest bell is also installed at the west zone of the Chambal riverfront. Eight different metals are used to make this bell.

This bell is a single-piece casting. It is 30 feet high and 28 feet wide. Its weight is 72 tonnes. Another special thing about this bell, its pendulum is also jointless.

Sad News 🙁 In November 2023, The chief engineer ‘Devendra Arya’ & his assistant ‘Ramkesh’ died while opening the mould box of the bell. Our sincere condolences to their families.

Fact: Only China and Russia have such bells in the world. Of this, China’s bell is 6 by 6 meters, and Russia’s is 6 by 6.5 meters.

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4. LED Garden

UIT Kota has made India’s first LED garden at Chambal riverfront in Kota.

Different birds, animals, plants and trees are made from LED lights in this garden. 

LED garden chambal riverfront
LED garden at chambal riverfront kota

Visiting this garden would make you feel like watching an LED show.

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5. World’s Largest Nandi Statue

Nandi statue chambal riverfront kota

The biggest Nandi statue has been built in the western zone of the riverfront.

Chambal river front features the world’s biggest Nandi statue. It is located in the west zone of the riverfront. This beautiful idol of Nandi is made of Jodhpuri stone.

Fact: This is the biggest Nandi statue in the world.

According to UIT officials, the height of the Nandi statue is 6.5 meters, its length is 10.5 meters, and its width is 4.5 meters.

6. JawaharLal Nehru Face Mask

Chambal riverfront jawaharlal nehru statue

On Jawaharlal Nehru Ghat of the Kota riverfront, you will see the face of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

The face mask is made up of metal and it is 12 meters high and 3 meters wide.

Nehru face mask chambal riverfront Kota

Tourists of Chambal riverfront can go inside the facemask from the backside and enjoy the panoramic view of the riverfront.

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7. World Heritage Zone

The “World heritage zone” at riverfront Kota features 9 famous buildings. These building includes Hawa Mahal of Jaipur, Red Fort and Zama masjid of Delhi and many others.

elephant ride at chambal river front kota

At this zone, you will enjoy beautiful replica of famous monuments at one place. I am sure this zone is going to be the most favorite Instagrammable spot for selfie lovers.

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8. Invisible Yoga Statue

chambal riverfront invisible yoga statue

Along with that, the one thing which will astound you the most is the invisible yoga statue.

This masterpiece of engineering will appear and disappear in a moment.

This statue is made of stainless steel, and around 12 tonnes of steel is used to prepare this invisible yoga statue.

Chambal riverfront ghat

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9. Water Park and Fun Zone

A fun zone is being prepared at the eastern side of the riverfront.  This fun zone area will have a water park, food corner and party halls.

So, tourists coming here will be able to enjoy delicious food along with pool activities.

chambal riverfront water slides

In Chambal River Front Water Park 3 big water pools and 1 children’s pool are prepared for fun activities.

6 golden domes are being prepared near the pool. Of these, water slides have been installed in two domes from a height of 6 and 5 meters.

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Not only this, the waterfall wall will keep falling from one pool to another from 3 meters and 2 meters. 

150 people will be able to have fun together in all the three water parks built here.

chambal riverfront building

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10. Boating in Chambal River

Boating in Chambal river is a thrilling experience that you can get at Kota River Front. Minimum 5 people are required for the boating to be start.

boating at chambal river front kota

Three types of boats are available at Chambal Riverfront. 1. Speed boat, 2. Pontoon boat, 3. Power heritage boat.

People Also Asked – Questions About Chambal Riverfront, Kota

1. How long is the riverfront in Kota?

Chambal riverfront is 6 km long.

2. How can I book ticket for Chambal River Front online?

First visit Chambal River Front Official Website Then choose entry side, fill details like name, address, phone, Aadhaar, choose visiting slot, fill captcha and book ticket.

3. What is the budget of Chambal Riverfront Project?

The approximate cost of building Chambal riverfront is ₹1200 crore.

4. Is cancellation of Kota riverfront ticket is allowed?

No, cancellation of Chambal riverfront ticket is not allowed.

5. Can I get a refund for my riverfront tickets?

No refund will be provided for your tickets.

6. Can I change the date of visit after I book the ticket?

No, you have to visit on the same date that you have chosen while booking ticket. Change of date is not allowed.

7. What is the helpling number or email id of Chambal riverfront?

Chambal riverfront is developed by UIT, Kota. You can contact on Phone: 0744-2500733, Email:, Email: for any query.

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I am sure  this Heritage Chambal River Front in Kota is going to be on the top list of tourist places in Rajasthan and probably the most loved places to have fun with family and friends.

So, when are you planning your trip to Kota to satisfy your wanderlust?

Let me know in the comments box.

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      • Hello, Govt websites are like this. Their servers are poor most of the time. They can’t handle big traffic inflow. We would suggest, you keep trying to book the ticket. Eventually you will succeed.

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    • Hello Chatana, Thanks for appreciating our work. Yes, there are auto rickshaws available which you can take to go to Chambal riverfront and return. Advance booking is not available. Since you are from Mumbai and not Kota citizen, you can buy ticket for Chambal riverfront at the counter by paying the ticket fee.

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