Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 – Timings, Tickets, Speakers, Events

The Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) is a world-famous literary festival. It takes place every year in the Pink City Jaipur.

Jaipur Lit Fest draws best authors, thinkers, lyricist, humanitarians, business leaders, sports persons, politicians, actors, and enthusiasts from around the globe.

Photo: JLF 2024 Inauguration Ceremony

It’s a big party for people who love to read and talk about books & Literature.

The festival contains tons of discussions & music shows. JLF offers interesting talks by renowned authors, Nobel prize winners and experts coming from different domains of literature.

Jaipur literature festival Venue
Photo: Jaipur Literature Festival

Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 – Timings, Venue, Tickets

Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 dates1 to 5 Feb, 2024
JLF 2024 Timings9 AM to 6 PM
JLF 2024 VenueHotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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A fine gathering of words with colors of fashion, discussions on hot national and international topics, eagerly listening local and foreign audience & latest fashion trends among youngsters. Such scenes are common during the grand Jaipur Literature Festival.

Rajasthani Yatri

Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 Tickets – Registration Fee

There are 5 types of Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 tickets available to attend Jaipur Literature Festival. Entry level tickets starts from ₹200 which most people would opt for.

Jaipur Literature Festival ticket price for students are offered at ₹100 for all five days (₹20/day). Below table shows all types of JLF 2024 tickets and their prices.

JLF General Ticket (Per person)Starts from ₹200/day
JLF Student Ticket (Per person)₹100 for all 5 days
JLF FOF (Friend of the Festival) Ticket
(Per person)
Starts from ₹13,500
JLF Jaipur Music Stage Ticket
(Per person)
Starts from ₹950
JLF Jaipur Book Mark Ticket
(Per person)
Starts from ₹3500
Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 Registration LinkRegister

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folk performance at JLF
Photo: Folk Performance at JLF

Jaipur Literature Festival – General Ticket Packages

You can get general tickets to attend this literature festival of Jaipur. With general ticket you get access to session venues, merchandise space, book shops, food courts and art installation spaces.

JLF General – 1 Day Package₹200/person
JLF General – 2 Days Package₹400/person
JLF General – 3 Days Package₹600/person
JLF General – 4 Days Package₹800/person
JLF General – 5 Days Package₹800/person

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ajay jadeja with sachin pilot at Jaipur Literature Festival
Photo: Ajay Jadeja with Sachin Pilot at Jaipur Literature Festival 2024

JLF: Friend of the Festival (FOF) – What it is, Who Should Attend, Timings & Tickets

What is Friend of the Festival (FOF)?

With “Friend of the Festival” tickets you can access finest programs and facilities of Jaipur Literature Festival.

1. What are the highlights of Friends of the Festival (FOF) at JLF?

  • 1 to 3 Feb – The Jaipur Music Stage FOF All – Access Pass
  • 4 Feb – Majestic Evening at Amber Fort
  • 5 Feb – Writers’ Ball, A night with world’s finest authors, musical performances, glittering night sky

2. What are the other benefits of Friend of the Festival (FOF)?

Access to dedicated hospitality, welcome kit, lunch & dinner at FOF lounge, evening cocktail hour, Teamwork arts podcast, priority entry to the Durbar Hall post 3PM and more.

3. Who should get Friends of the Festival (FOF) tickets?

Anyone seeking an unforgettable Jaipur Literature Festival experience with exclusive services and luxury should go for these tickets.

JLF FOF – 1 Day Package₹13,500/person
JLF FOF – 2 Days Package₹24,500/person
JLF FOF – 3 Days Package₹36,000/person
JLF FOF – 4 Days Package₹46,000/person
JLF FOF – 5 Days Package₹56,000/person

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Jaipur literature festival Decoration
Photo: JLF Decoration

Jaipur Lit Festival 2024: Jaipur Music Stage – What it is, Who Should Attend, Timings & Tickets

1. What is Jaipur Music Stage(JMS)?

Jaipur Music Stage is a music show where diverse musical genres such as jazz, rock, ghazals or the blues are performed by artists.

2. Who should attend Jaipur Music Stage (JMS)?

Anyone interest in music should attend this segment of Jaipur Literature Festival.

3. What are the highlights of Jaipur Music Stage?

  • 1 Feb: Performance by Singer Alif (Mohammad Muneem) with the band “The Tapi Project”.
  • 2 Feb: Performance by Delhi-based artist Prabh Deep with the band “The Revisit Project”.
  • 3 Feb: Performance by Salman Elahi and Harpreet with the band “Chai Met Toast”.

4. What can I get at Jaipur Music Stage (Other than music)?

Other than music, you can enjoy the vibrant night market where you can shop for musical instruments, indie label music and other merchandise.

  • JLF 2024, Jaipur Music Stage programme dates: 1 to 3 Feb 2024
  • JLF 2024, Jaipur Music Stage timings: 7:00 PM onwards
  • JLF 2024, Jaipur Music Stage Venue: Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur
JLF Jaipur Music Stage – Single Ticket1-Day Pass: ₹950/person
2-Days Pass: ₹1850/person
3-Days Pass: ₹2700/person
JLF Jaipur Music Stage – Couple Ticket1-Day Pass: ₹1750/couple
2-Days Pass: ₹3400/couple
3-Days Pass: ₹4950/couple
JLF Jaipur Music Stage – Package for 4 Persons1-Day Pass: ₹3300
2-Days Pass: ₹6200
3-Days Pass: ₹8700

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Jaipur Lit Fest: Jaipur Book Mark – What it is, Who Should Attend, Timings & Tickets

1. What is Jaipur Book Mark?

Jaipur Book Mark (JBM) is an 10+ years old B2B platform for business persons from book world. It is a hub for South Asian publishing industry. Writers, publishers, agencies and translators meet at JBM and talk and look for business opportunities.

2. Who should attend Jaipur Book Mark (JBM)?

Publishers, publishing houses, translators, agencies, booksellers

3. What can I get at Jaipur Book Mark (Other than business)?

Through panel discussions and roundtables, you can gain business insights of the book world. You can be a part of strong networking and meet business persons.

  • JLF 2024, Jaipur Book Mark dates: 1 to 5 Feb 2024
  • JLF 2024, Jaipur Book Mark timings: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • JLF 2024, Jaipur Book Mark Venue: Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur
JLF Book Mark – 1 Day Package₹3500/person
JLF Book Mark – 2 Days Package₹6000/person
JLF Book Mark – 3 Days Package₹8500/person
JLF Book Mark – 4 Days Package₹11,000/person
JLF Book Mark – 5 Days Package₹13,000/person

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Jaipur Literature Festival – History

In 2006 Jaipur Literature Festival was a part of “Jaipur Heritage International Festival”. With in two years the festival gained popularity and became a free-standing festival in 2008.

Every year, literature fans comes to the Jaipur Literature Festival and enjoy the feast of words.

Jaipur literature festival audience
Photo: JLF Audience

JLF has been around 15+ years and keeps getting better. Award-winning writers share their stories and ideas to make the fest worth-attending.

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Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 – Programme

There are 224 events scheduled in the five day Jaipur Literature Festival. Each day will have roughly 40-50 events.

JLF gulzar saab book launch
Photo: JLF 2024 Gulzar Sa’ab Book Launch

Which JLF 2024 event should you attend?

It depends on your interest. You may have interest in music, cricket, finance, poetry, photography, travel or any other field. Jaipur Literature Festival has everything for everyone.

Some JLF 2024 events that are worth attending as follows:

  1. Event 06: “Breaking The Mould: Reimagining The Economic Future”
    • Speakers: Raghuram Rajan and Rohit Lamba, Naushad Forbes
    • Topic: A discussion on the book Reimagining The Economic Future.
  2. Event 11: “Cricket: The Spirit of the Game”
    • Speaker: Amrit Mathur, Ajay Jadeja and Venkat Sundaram
    • Topic: Discussion on Cricket then and now.
  3. Event 58: “Gulzaar Sa’ab”
    • Speaker: Gulzar and Yatindra Mishra
    • Topic: Discussion on the book Gulzar Sa’ab
  4. Event 64: “Colditz: Prisoners of the Castle”
    • Speaker: Ben Macintyre
    • Topic: A conversation about the book “Colditz: Prisoners of the Castle.”
  5. Event 69: “On First Novels”
    • Speakers: Bonnie Garmus, Devika Rege, Koël Purie Rinchet
    • Topic: Discussion on first novels in literature.
  6. Event 70: “Shaping the Future: Remaking India”
    • Speakers: Raghunath Mashelkar, Arun Maira
    • Topic: A conversation on shaping the future and remaking India.
  7. Event 75: “Many Feminisms”
    • Speakers: Clare Wright, Marta Breen, Urvashi Butalia
    • Topic: Discussion on various perspectives of feminism.
  8. Event 76: “Style and Substance”
    • Speaker: Tarun Tahiliani
    • Topic: A conversation with Tarun Tahiliani on style and substance.
  9. Event 83: “Reading Room: Across Genres”
    • Topic: A session across different literary genres.
  10. Event 86: “All the Broken Places”
    • Speakers: John Boyne, Merve Emre
    • Topic: A conversation about the book “All the Broken Places.”
  11. Event 156: “How to save a democracy”
    • Speakers: Indrajit Roy and Shashi Tharoor
    • Topic: Discussion on how to save democracy.

You can access the full programme of Jaipur Literature Festival and decide which event to attend according to your interest.

Jaipur literature festival Music Show
Photo: JLF Music Performance

Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 Speakers

550+ speakers will participate in JLF 2024. Some of the best speakers will provide their idea, opinion and talks at Jaipur Literature Festival 2024.

Key Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 speakers includes following:

  • Aadil Raza Mansoori
  • Aarathi Prasad
  • Aasha Kapur Mehta
  • Abhay K.
  • Abhishek K. Choudhary
  • Aditi Maheshwari Goyal
  • Ajai Chowdhry
  • Ajay Bisaria
  • Ajay Jadeja
  • Albert Read

Jaipur Literature Festival 2024 – Quick Facts

  • In the 17th edition of JLF, experts will present their talks in 24 languages (16 Indian & 8 international).
  • 550+ speakers will be a part of Jaipur Literature Festival n 2024.
  • So far 2000+ speakers and 10 Lakh+ book readers have joined the world’s greatest literature festival (Jaipur Literature Festival).
  • There are 224 events scheduled in the five day Jaipur Literature Festival 2024.

Jaipur Literature Festival – FAQs

1. What is the dates of the Jaipur Literature Festival?

The dates of Jaipur Literature Festival are 1 to 5 Feb , 2024

2. What is the entry fee for Jaipur Literature Festival?

The entry fee for Jaipur Literature Festival starts from ₹200 and goes till ₹56000.

3. Where is the Jaipur Literature Festival in 2024?

Jaipur Literature Festival in 2024 is held at Hotel Amer Clarks, JLN Marg, Jaipur

4. Why is Jaipur Literature Festival famous?

Jaipur Literature Festival brings hundreds of national and international writers, politicians, lyricists, musicians, publishers under one roof. Thousands of people come to listen to their valuable opinion and discussion.

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