Top 10 Places to Visit Near Jodhpur in 2024

Overview: There are many beautiful places to visit near Jodhpur. If you are looking for ‘not so famous’ attractions near Jodhpur then this article is the best source to get all information.

I love Jodhpur. This city has a royal Rajasthani feel. The warmth of people, delicious food, modern restaurants and popular tourist places make Jodhpur a must visit city in Rajasthan.

Jodhpur offers more than just forts and markets! Majestic Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada, and historical treasures like Mandore Gardens are great tourist attractions. But there is more that you can see around Sun City – Jodhpur.

Artisan’s village, lake where 35,000 migratory birds arrive from Siberia, a temple where a motorcycle is worshipped. This list of nearby Jodhpur attraction has everything for you.

Let’s uncover these tourist attractions near Jodhpur one by one.

1. Salawas Village

Salawas Village Jodhpur is Famous for Rugs Making.

Salawas is a charming place to visit near Jodhpur within a distance of 50 km.

Salawas village is popular for its vibrant culture and traditional lifestyle. Many skilled artisans in Salawas create beautiful handmade rugs.

Here in the village, you can explore narrow lanes and colorful houses. You can also interact with friendly locals, and experience the rich Rajasthani hospitality.

Picturesque surroundings and cultural heritage are the USP of Salawas. If you are looking for a memorable traditional experience, Salawas should be on your bucket list.

  • Distance from Jodhpur railway station: 22 KM
  • Timings: 24 Hrs Open
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • What to do there: Explore handmade rugs and the process of rugs making, see village and its tradition
  • Things to take with you: Water, camera, food, snacks, sunglasses
  • Best time to visit: September to February

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2. Guda Lake

Guda Lake Birds Jodhpur
Image: Guda Lake Birds Jodhpur

Guda Lake is a popular spot for migratory birds. If lucky, you can also see animals like antelopes and black bucks at the lake. Other than that you can see chinkaras, blue bulls, desert foxes, hares, and partridges.

Guda lake is one of the most uncommon tourist places near Jodhpur Rajasthan. Guda Lake is near several villages where the Bishnoi people live. These villages are called Guda Bishnoiyan, Kakani, and Khejarli.

  • Distance from Jodhpur: 25 KM
  • Timings: 8 AM to 8 PM
  • Ticket Price: Free, Guided tour available via tour operators
  • What to do there: Watch migratory birds, animals and village tour
  • Things to take with you: Food, Snacks, Water, Camera
  • Best time to visit: October to March

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3. Indroka Fort

Indroka Fort Jodhpur
Indroka Fort Jodhpur, A Budget-Friendly but Luxury Resort.

Indroka Fort is a charming Heritage Hotel and Resort near Jodhpur. You can easily reach here within 30 minutes from Jodhpur railway station.

This majestic resort offers a blend of historical charm and modern comforts. You can experience courteous hospitality of the hotel while enjoying top-notch amenities.

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Indroka Fort promises an exceptional experience for tourists seeking a unique getaway. In scorching summer, you can relax and enjoy in the pool to cool down your senses.

  • Distance from Jodhpur: 26 KM
  • Timings: 24 Hrs Open
  • Room Fare: ₹3500 to ₹6500
  • What to do there: Enjoy the luxurious property, relax, enjoy in the pool
  • Things to take with you: Just you bag with clothes 😉
  • Best time to visit: All year

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4. Sardar Samand Lake

Sardar Samand Lake
Sardar Samand Lake, Jodhpur. A Place to Unwind with Migratory Birds.

Sardar Samand Lake near Jodhpur is a peaceful lake away from the hustle and bustle. Sardar Samand Lake is like a cool, refreshing drink in the middle of Rajasthan’s dry lands. 

It is a must-see place to visit near Jodhpur within 50 km. Here’s what makes it special:

  • Full of Peace: It’s a quiet place to relax and unwind.
  • Beautiful Surroundings: The lake is a feast for the eyes, perfect for taking pictures or soaking in the view.
  • Birdy Heaven: This lake is home to many migratory birds. If you love birds, you’ll see colorful ones flying around, even some you’ve never seen before!
  • Distance from Jodhpur: 50 KM
  • Timings: 24 Hrs Open
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • What to do there: Bird Watching, Relax, Photography
  • Things to take with you: Camera, Food, Snacks, Water
  • Best time to visit: October to April

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5. Om Banna Temple (Bullet Baba Mandir)

Om Banna Temple Bullet Motorcycle
Om Banna Temple Bullet Motorcycle. Unusual Place that Exist Near Jodhpur.

Om Banna Temple is a famous religious tourist destination near Jodhpur. This is a unique temple where people worship Bullet motorcycle (Royal Enfield Bullet 350).

The temple has an interesting story. In 1988, Om Banna was going on his bullet motorbike. He met with an accident and died.

After accident, police took the bike to police station. After some time the bike disappreared and found at the accident site. This happened multiple times. Police even chained the bike but still the bike disappeared.

People considered it a miracle and started worshipping the bike.

  • Distance from Jodhpur railway station: 51 KM
  • Timings: 9 AM to 10 PM
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • What to do there: Know the religious history
  • Things to take with you: Water, Camera
  • Best time to visit: October to March

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6. Osian – Temples in Desert

Osiyan Temple Near Jodhpur
Osiyan Near Jodhpur. A Hub of Jain and Hindu Temples.

This old town Osian (Osiyan) is famous for its beautiful Hindu and Jain temples and rich history.

Imagine stunning carvings on Jain and Hindu temples, some over 1200 years old! It’s like stepping back in time to ancient India.

Whether you love history or just want a peaceful escape, Osian is a perfect tourist places near Jodhpur within 100 kms.

History buffs will enjoy exploring the temples, while everyone can appreciate the serene atmosphere.

So, ditch the crowds and discover Osian’s hidden charm!

  • Distance from Jodhpur: 70 KM
  • Timings: 24 hrs open
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • What to do there: Get to know the history, enjoy peace
  • Things to take with you: Water, Camera, Food, Sunglasses
  • Best time to visit: October to March

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7. Khimsar Sand Dune Village

Khimsar Village
Khimsar Village. A Place For Peaceful & Luxurious Vacation.

Khimsar is one of the best places to go near Jodhpur. The village is hidden amongst rolling golden dunes like something out of a fairy tale.

Here’s why Khimsar Sand Dune Village is special:

  • Old-school charm: This village isn’t fancy, but it’s full of authentic Rajasthani vibes. Mud houses, traditional music, and colorful clothes – a step back in time! Yes, that’s Khimsar. Amazing Right?
  • Desert adventures: Want to ride a camel across the sand dunes like a pro? You can do that here! Explore the vast desert on a safari, feeling the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes.
  • Dance & Music, Culture comes alive: Watch dancers in vibrant costumes tell stories through their moves, listen to musicians play traditional instruments, and soak up the rich history of the region.
  • Yummy food: Get ready to taste delicious Rajasthani dishes you won’t find anywhere else! Spicy curries, fluffy breads, and sweet treats – your taste buds will thank you.
  • Nature’s beauty: The landscapes around the village are breathtaking. Imagine watching the sunset paint the dunes in vibrant colors or gazing at a sky full of stars at night – pure magic!
  • Khimsar FortKhimsar has a luxury hotel named “Khimsar Fort”. It’s a great hotel where you can stay when visiting the village.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure that combines culture, nature, and delicious food, Khimsar Sand Dune Village is the perfect nearby Jodhpur places to visit in one day.

  • Distance from Jodhpur: 90 KM
  • Timings: 24 hrs open
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • What to do there: Enjoy music, dance, Rajasthani tradition
  • Things to take with you: Water, Camera, Photo ID
  • Best time to visit: October to April

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8. Chanoud Garh

Chanoud Garh Pali
Chanoud Garh Pali, A Must-Visit Place for a Weekend Trip.

Chanoud Garh Hotel is a great place near Jodhpur within 100 km. If you are seeking a serene weekend getaway then Chanoud Garh is a great choice. Jawai Leopard Safari and Jawai Dam is only 60 Km away from this property. So, you can also go for leopard safari from the hotel.

This tranquil destination offers a perfect blend of heritage and peace. Explore the majestic fort and unwind amidst lush gardens. Pamper yourself with traditional Rajasthani hospitality.

Chanoud Garh promises a rejuvenating experience for tourists seeking a relaxing weekend escape.

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  • Distance from Jodhpur railway station: 106 KM
  • Timings: 24 Hrs Open
  • Room Fare: ₹3000 to ₹6000
  • What to do there: Goto Leopard Safari, Relax at the property
  • Things to take with you: Water, Camera & your bag 😉
  • Best time to visit: All year

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9. Dechu Village

Dechu Village Camel Safari Phalodi Jodhpur
Dechu Village Camel Safari in Phalodi Near Jodhpur is a Great Experience.

Dechu village is an incredible place to visit near Jodhpur within 200 km. The village whispers tales of ancient traditions and warm hospitality.

Dechu village is famous for camping, Jeep safari, cultural programs, campfires, Camel safari and many others.

Dechu village is something beyond the ordinary it shows the soul of rural Rajasthan.

Star-studded sky, golden sand, ancient temples, luxury hotels and authentic village life attract thousands of tourists to Dechu every year. Dechu is truly a hidden gem near Jodhpur.

Dechu village is not a part of Jodhpur anymore it’s now a part of the Phalodi district of Rajasthan.

  • Distance from Jodhpur railway station: 122 KM
  • Timings: 24 Hrs Open
  • Ticket Price: Free
  • What to do there: Camping, Temple Visit, Camel and Jeep Safari
  • Things to take with you: Water, Camera, Snacks
  • Best time to visit: October to March

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10. Khichan Bird Sanctuary: Rajasthan’s Crane Paradise!

Khichan Bird Sanctuary
Khichan Bird Sanctuary, A Place to See Thousands of Migratory Birds.

Ever seen thousands of cranes flying?

You can see that near Jodhpur. There’s a place called “Khichan Bird Sanctuary”, where beautiful “dancing cranes” from Siberia visit every winter!

Interesting Fact: Almost 35000 birds fly 4300+ Kms from Siberia to Jodhpur. Such a long distance, right?

Here’s what makes Khichan special:

  • See stunning birds: Watch flocks of graceful Demoiselle Cranes land, feed, and take off against the beautiful desert backdrop.
  • Learn about the birds: Experts can teach you everything about these amazing creatures, their journey, and how they live.
  • Perfect for families: Kids will love seeing the birds, and educational programs help them understand nature better. ‍‍‍
  • Help protect the birds: Khichan works hard to keep the sanctuary safe for the birds. You can support them too!
  • Click amazing pictures: Photographers, get ready to capture stunning shots of these beautiful birds!

So, for a unique and unforgettable experience, visit Khichan Bird Sanctuary and witness the magic of migrating birds!

  • Distance from Jodhpur railway station: 136 KM
  • Timings: 24 hrs open
  • Ticket Price: ₹20/person
  • What to do there: Enjoy watching migratory birds, serene atmosphere
  • Things to take with you: Water, Camera
  • Best time to visit: October to Mid March

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Final Word : Go Beyond the City Limits

This list of tourist places proves that you can go beyond the city limits of Jodhpur & explore amazing spots. Plethora of lesser-known gems are waiting to be discovered.

Are you ready to explore?

I am sure this article provided concise information about places to visit near Jodhpur.

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