Fountain Square Park Jaipur – Timings, Tickets, Photos (Free Entry)

Overview: Fountain Square is a new tourist spot in Jaipur. It is located in front of the City Park in Mansarovar. This is a big musical fountain and water screen to entertain people. Its open for public. Entry is Free. Plan your visit today!

Fountain Square Park Jaipur – Timings, Ticket Price, Facilities, Address

Fountain Square Park Jaipur Timings6:45 PM to 10 PM
Fountain Square Park TicketsFree (Until 31 March)
Fountain Square Park Jaipur Ticket Price: ₹50/person
Fountain Square Inaugurations Date15 March, 2024
Musical Fountain Show Starts at7 PM
Entry Gate1. VT Road
2. Aravali Marg
Note: Enter from VT Road Gate.
Aravali Marg gate is not yet open.
Fountain Square Near City Park – Main Attractions– Musical fountain show
– Video projected on water screen
– Beautiful heritage & colorful ambience
Fountain Square Park Mansarovar Facilities– Food Court
– Amphitheater
– Parking
– Toilets
Fountain Square Park Parking Charges₹50/car, ₹20/bike or Scooty
Fountain Square Park AddressOpposite City Park, Sec. 5, Mansarovar, Jaipur
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Fountain Square Park Jaipur – Entry Gate

Like City Park Jaipur, Fountain Square is a beautiful weekend spot for Jaipurites and travelers. In the summer season, Fountain Square holds a special place in people’s hearts. It provides a soothing, calm, and cool experience to visitors.

The water flowing through the fountains creates an exquisite ear-pleasing sound. Many tourists come here to sit and listen to the sound of water. It is a therapy, indeed!

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Fountain Square – Best Time to Visit?

Best time to visit “Fountain Square Park” is between 7 PM to 10 PM. Light and sound show makes the visit to this place amazing. Throughout the year, you can come to Fountain Square.

Fountain Square Park Plants and Arches
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Fountain Square Park Mansarovar – Plants and Arches

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Fountain Square (City Park Phase 2) – Light and Sound Show

There are two fountains at the Fountain Square. One is the small ‘English Fountain’ and the other is a big ‘Central Fountain’.

The central fountain looks good in the daytime, but at night it looks stunning with colorful lights.

The water flows from top to bottom in three levels. The water stream is about 30 feet high

Fountain Square Park Central Fountain Show
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Fountain Square Park Central Fountain Show

There is a ‘water screen’ installed within the central fountain. On this screen, a light and sound show is displayed with the help of a projector. 

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A video documentary of Rajasthani art and folk culture is shown on the water screen.

Jawahar Circle Park shows a similar musical fountain show every evening around 7 PM (Winter), 8 PM (Summer).

Fountain Square Park English Fountain
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Fountain Square Park Small English Fountain

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Fountain Square Amphitheater – 500 People Can Enjoy the Show

Phase 2 of City Park has taken shape in form of “Fountain Square Park”. In this park, a huge sitting area is developed around the “Central Fountain” where 500 people can sit and enjoy the musical fountain show.

Funny Thing: Jaipurites are getting crazy for the show. On the weekends, 2000 to 3000 people are enjoying the fountain show in the amphitheater.
Fountain Square Park - Central Fountain Lion Statue
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Fountain Square Park – Central Fountain Lion Statue
Fountain Square Park Central Fountain
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Fountain Square Park Central Fountain
fountain square model mansarovar jaipur
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Fountain Square, Jaipur – 3D Model Picture

Fountain Square – Architecture Specialties

To enhance the beauty of the Fountain Square Park in Mansarovar, four stone-carved Chhatri (semi-open dome-shaped Cenotaphs) and 10 arches are constructed.

The Chhatris are made of Bansi Paharpur stone from Bharatpur. On every corner (there are 4 corners) of Fountain Square, a white marble lion sculpture is made. 

Fountain Square Park Beautiful Cenotaph
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Fountain Square Park Beautiful Cenotaph
Fountain Square Park Beautiful Arches
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Fountain Square Park Beautiful Arches

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Fountain Square – Food Option

A green plaza & food court are also constructed at the Fountain Square Park. Here you can enjoy delicious fast food at a reasonable price while watching the musical fountain show.

Note: Food Court is under development, it has not started yet. But outside the park you can find stalls where you can eat.

Fountain Square – Entry & Exit Points

There are two entry and exit gates. One is at Aravali Marg and another is at VT Road.

Note: Aravali Marg entry is not open yet. Enter via VT Road gate.

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Fountain Square – Exhibition Ground

An exhibition ground is also developed near Fountain Square Park in Mansarovar. The ground is used to host cultural programs, shopping fairs, exhibitions, etc. Almost 200 people can sit and enjoy the exhibition at this ground.

The Cost to Construct the Fountain Square

The total cost of this Fountain Square project is around ₹40 crore. 

fountain square construction mansarovar jaipur
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Fountain Square, Jaipur – Aerial Picture of Construction

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Fountain Square Jaipur – Photography

Fountain Square Park is a great place to click beautiful photos. Whether you are a selfie lover or like to click group photos, the ambience here make the photos look out of the world.

In the evening, the whole Fountain Square of Jaipur shines bright with colorful lights. Certain places and positions might cause color loss on the photo. Adjust your position accordingly.

Fountain Square Park Chatari
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Fountain Square Park Chhatri

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How to Reach Fountain Square Park, Jaipur

Reaching at Fountain Square is very easy.

By Air:

Jaipur airport is 7 KM (15-20 Min) away. You can hire a cab or auto-rickshaw and get here.

By Train:

Jaipur Junction is 9 KM (30 Min) away. You can book an auto-rickshaw or get a taxi outside the railway station to reach here.

By Road:

Five major highways & one expressway connects Jaipur to the rest of India.

  1. Jaipur-Ajmer
  2. Jaipur-Delhi
  3. Jaipur-Indore
  4. Jaipur-Agra
  5. Jaipur-Bikaner
  6. Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

You can pick a bus service, drive your car or motorbike to come here.

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By Metro:

If you live near the Jaipur metro route then coming to Fountain Square Park is easy. You need to get off at Mansarovar metro station which is only 3.5 km away. From there hire an e-rickshaw or a cab to reach Fountain Square on VT road, Mansarovar.

Hotels Near Fountain Square, Jaipur

hotel room india
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You can Find Many Hotels Near Fountain Square Park in Mansarovar, Jaipur

Fountain Square is located in Mansarovar are of Jaipur city. Here, you can find many budget hotels. Such as:

  1. Hotel Safari
  2. Hotel Sapphire Inn Jaipur
  3. Jaipur Legacy
  4. Hotel SD Prime
  5. Fab Hotel – The Lotus

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Top 10 Places to Visit Near Fountain Square Park, Jaipur

beautiful leopard eyes
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Jhalana Leopard Safari is a great place you can visit. Its just 30 min away from Fountain Park.

The location of Fountain Square is great. Many tourist attraction are accessible from Fountain Square within a distance of 6-10 KM. Some of those travel places listed below with distance from Fountain Square.

1. City Park (0 KM) – The second largest park in Jaipur is in front of the Fountain Square. You must visit it.

2. Landscape Park (1.3 KM) – A beautiful park alongside the Dravyavati River.

3. Mansarovar Chopati (2.5 KM) – A place to eat street food at once place at fairly reasonable price.

4. Fun Kingdom (4 KM) – An amusement park with lots of water sport & adventure activities.

5. Jawahar Circle Park (6 KM)- A park opened in 1996. Musical fountain show is a must-see event. Banwari and Nikhil (A father-son duo) sells great tea at the food court located at parking no. 2.

6. Patrika Gate (6 KM)- A gorgeous heritage gate featuring colorful Rajasthani murals, paintings, and sculptures.

7. Toran Dwar (6 KM) – A stunning white marble gate. Its fully illuminated at night with white light. Great to click photos.

8. Word Trade Park (6 KM) – Pink City’s luxurious mall. Architecture marvel. Even Amitabh Bachchan praised the building design.

9. Jhalana Leopard Safari (10 KM) – India’s first leopard safari park A unique place in Jaipur to see the big cats.

10. Jaldhara (7.5 KM) – A water theme park with artificial waterfall, stone sculptures, small bridges and more.

Fountain Square Park – Video Tour, See it with Your Eyes

Final Word

Fountain Square is a popular tourist spot where people come to chill and enjoy the vibe. You can also come here on the weekend to relax. You can also visit nearby tourist places to make your Jaipur itinerary complete.

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