Toran Dwar Jaipur: Timings, Tickets, Photos (Free Entry)

Toran Dwar Jaipur or Toran Gate is the new tourist place in Pink City. You can locate it at Jawahar Circle Park near Jaipur Airport.

Jawahar Circle Park is already a hot tourist destination in Jaipur. Here, thousands of local and foreign visitors come to see the park as well as Patrika Gate.

Now, Toran Dwar (तोरण द्वार) – The Gateway of Rajasthan, is all set to mesmerize tourists with its architectural beauty. It is made of white marble and looks stunning to the eyes.

Selfie Point: Toran Dwar is the new selfie point of Jaipur. You can ignore this beautiful place.

At night, the Toran Gate is illuminated with beautiful lights. Toran gate is specially built to welcome tourists that are coming from Jaipur airport. You can see this gate from 1 KM away while coming from Jaipur Airport.

Toran Dwar Jaipur – Timings, Tickets

Toran Dwar Jaipur Timings24 Hrs Open
Toran Dwar Jaipur Ticket PriceEntry is Free (No Ticket Required)
Toran Dwar Jaipur Location📍Jawahar Circle, Airport Road, Jaipur
Toran Dwar Jaipur Google Map Link

Toran Dwar Jaipur – Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit Toran Dwar is after 7 PM. In the evening, the profile lights of Toran Dwar illuminates the whole gate and its surrounding.

However, Toran Gate is open for tourists 24×7 throughout the year. Depending on the weather or season you can come here at your comfortable timing.

Best time to visit Toran Gate in summerMorning: 6 AM to 10 AM
Evening: 7 PM to 10 PM
Best time to visit Toran Gate in winterMorning: 8 AM to 10 AM
Evening: 5 PM to 10 PM

Toran Dwar Jaipur – Photography

Toran Gate in Jaipur is a perfect place for photography. You can click memorable pictures for Instagram and other uses. Morning and evening is the best time to click great photos.

Toran Gate Jaipur Photos – The Gateway to Rajasthan

Photography Tip: Between 9 AM to 11 PM, if you are standing in front of the Toran gate, looking at the west direction (Entertainment Paradise side), you may face the sun behind you. Sun rays might cause a flare and color loss on the photos. Adjust your position accordingly to click great photos.

Evening (5PM to 7 PM) is a perfect time for photography at Toran Dwar. The Sun is not bright and faces the object. This setting delivers the best photos at Toran Gate.

Beware of High Speed Vehicles: Toran Dwar is located at a t-shape intersection. High speed vehicles approaches from both sides (Airport and Jawahar Circle). I am seeing people standing in the middle of the road to take pictures. It could be dangerous for you. Please find a safe place, then click photo.

Toran Dwar at Night

At night, Toran Gate looks amazing. There are many small and big profile lights of white color installed in Mehrabs and carvings. The white marble along with these decorative lights shines bright and looks outstanding.

Tourist coming from Jaipur airport can’t resist clicking a photo when passing by this gorgeous gate.

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Toran Dwar – Why named it Toran Gate?

Toran name in Rajasthan holds a special meaning. When a bride and groom are getting married, the groom travels to the bride’s place with family members and guests.

The groom touches the Toran (a door hanging) before entering the bride’s house. Only then he and the guests can enter.

Similarly, tourists coming to Jaipur are like guests. To welcome them, the Rajasthan government has built this beautiful Toran Gate.

Toran Dwar – Detailed View

Toran Gate – Who Designed it?

Famous architect and urban planner Anoop Bartariya designed this beautiful heritage gate.

He also designed several places and buildings in Jaipur. Peacock Garden, Patrika Gate, Amar Jawan Jyoti, and Arjun Statue are his designs.

The famous mall of Jaipur “World Trade Park” is also designed at owned by Mr. Anoop Bartariya.

In Kota, Chambal River Front, and Oxyzone City Park are also the imagination of Mr. Anoop Bartariya. In Nathdwara, Govardhan Parvat Sculpture is also designed by Anoop Bartariya.

It took 2 years of planning and hard work to construct the Toran Gate. We thank the architect, authorities and laborers who worked day and night to finish the project.

toran dwar construction
Toran Dwar Jaipur Photos: Construction Picture.
toran gate construction
It took 2 years to construct the beautiful Toran Gate in Jaipur.

Toran Gate Architecture – Why so Special?

Toran Gate is a unique heritage building in Jaipur. White marble and heritage style of the gate represents not only Jaipur but Rajasthan. That’s why it is called “Gateway of Rajasthan.”

Most of the heritage style buildings are found in the Walled City (Parkota) of Jaipur. To add heritage value to modern Jaipur, traditional style buildings are constructed by the authorities.

Toran Dwar Jaipur – Architectural Details

Toran Dwar Width104 Meter (~341 Feet)
Toran Gate Height10.39 Meter (~34.1 Feet)
Toran Dwar Number of Floors5 Floors
Toran Gate Number of Pillars216 Marble Pillars
Toran Dwar Number of Mehrabs42 Mehrab (Semi-circular door)
Toran Gate Number of Mehrabs at base floor12
Toran Dwar Number of Chhatri (Semi open dome shape Cenotaphs)4 Cenotaphs (2 Each Side)
Toran Gate Number of Barahdari (A pavilion with twelve doors)2 (One each side)

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Top 10 Places to Visit Near Toran Dwar

Toran Dwar is located in a great locality where you can visit many tourist places. Some of those are listed below with distance from Toran Dwar.

1. Patrika Gate (0.5 KM)- A beautiful heritage gate featuring colorful murals, paintings, and sculptures.

2. Jawahar Circle Park (0 KM)- Musical fountain show and video at water screen is a must to see at the park.

3. Word Trade Park (2.3 KM) – Jaipur’s lavish mall. Visit it to click pictures, visit food court and Dubai bazar. Watch movie at Cinepolis. If you are rich, go buy things from shops. 😉

4. Saras Parlour (3.5 KM) – A great place to eat quick food like paneer tikka, Jalebi and dairy products.

5. Jhalana Leopard Safari (4.6 KM) – India’s first leopard safari park. A paradise to sight the big cats.

6. Jaldhara (4.6 KM) – A water theme park with sculptures, artificial waterfall, bridges and more.

7. Smriti Van (5 KM) – A forest area with lots of oxygen and greenery. Go there to relax.

8. Fountain Square (6KM) – A place to see musical fountain show, eat food and relax after a hectic day.

9. City Park (7 KM) – The second largest park in Jaipur. Beautiful fountain and artificial lake is must to see.

10. Jawahar Kala Kendra (7 KM) – A multi-art center. Lots of art & craft, cultural exhibition takes place here.

One more tourist spot, a bonus for an avid reader like you.

11. Jaipur Chaupati (8 KM) – A place to get all types of fast food at once place at fairly economical price.

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Beat the Heat – Enjoy at Waterparks

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How to Reach Toran Gate, Jaipur

Reaching at Toran Dwar is pretty simple.

By Air:

Jaipur airport is 1.6 KM (5 Min) away. You can book a cab or tuk-tuk and get here.

By Train:

Jaipur railway station is 12 KM (35 Min) away. You can hire a three wheeler auto-rickshaw or get a cab outside Jaipur railway junction to reach here.

By Road:

There are 5 main highways & 1 expressway that connects Pink City to other parts of India.

  1. Jaipur-Ajmer
  2. Jaipur-Delhi
  3. Jaipur-Indore
  4. Jaipur-Agra
  5. Jaipur-Bikaner
  6. Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

You can pick a bus service, drive your car or motorbike to come here.

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Final Word

Hundreds of people visit Toran Dwar every day. Soon, more people will visit this tourist attraction in Jaipur.

I would request them to be alert of the traffic while visiting Toran Dwar and keep the place clean.

Sharing the article motivates me to bring more valuable travel content exclusively for you.

See you in the next article.

FAQ – Toran Dwar

Who built Toran Dwar Jaipur?

Toran Dwar is designed by famous architect Anoop Bartariya & constructed by Jaipur Development Authority.

What is the name of the new gate on Jawahar Circle?

The name of the new gate on Jawahar Circle is “Toran Dwar – Gateway of Rajasthan”.

What is the opening time of Toran Dwar Jaipur?

Toran Dwar Jaipur is open 24 Hrs. You can visit any time.

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