10 Unpopular Tourist Places Near Jaipur Under 50 Km

Jaipur – The pink city is famous for its heritage, fortresses, food, culture and art. 

Jaipur was listed at no. 8 among the “Best Cities 2022′ in Travel + Leisure’s (USA) World’s Best Awards.

The pink city has a lot of tourist attractions to satisfy the wanderlust (ghumakkad pan) in you. 

But tourist attractions are not limited to the walled city or closed perimeter of Jaipur.

You can find so many distinct tourist places near Jaipur within 50 km.

These less-explored weekend getaways near Jaipur can lift your mood with their beauty, ambiance and energy.

Are you looking for such happening places to visit near Jaipur?

Then keep on reading. 

I am listing top 10 tourist places near Jaipur in this article. 

Note: You can find Google map links to all the tourist spots at the end of the article.

10 Places Near Jaipur Where You Can Reach within 1 Hour

If you are on a short trip or don’t want to travel far then visit these tourist places. These places are easily reachable within 50 kilometres range.

1. Achrol Fort

achrol fort

Achrol fort is a fantastic place to visit near Jaipur under the 50-kilometer range. The fort is located inside Achrol village and famous for activities like trekking, rappelling and sightseeing. The fort is more than 500 years old and belongs to the Kachhawa rulers of Jaipur.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  35 km 

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

What to do there: Trekking, rappelling and sightseeing

Things to take with you: Water, camera, snacks, shoes

2. Chandlai Lake

chandlai lake

Jaipur doesn’t have many water bodies inside the city’s perimeter. So Jaipurites feel that urge to see lakes, ponds, and dams quite often.

If you are one of those Jaipurites then Chandlai lake will please you with its beauty, peace and migratory birds.

List of some migratory birds you can find at Chandlai lake:-

  • Little Grebe
  • Purple Moorhen
  • Common Coot
  • Spot-Billed Duck
  • Greater Flamingo
  • Purple Heron
  • Eurasian Wigeon
  • Spotted Red Shank
  • Grey Heron

Note: The place is not developed like a tourist destination, so you would not find many amenities. Please keep that in mind before visiting.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  30 km 

Ticket Price: FREE Entry

Timings: 24 Hrs Open

Best time to visit: During winters (In summer, you will not find migratory birds)

Activities to do there: Bird Watching, Picnic, Cycling, Boating (It is not allowed)

Things to take with you: Water, camera, snacks, shoes

Do not litter around the tourist places, please. 

Humble request from RAJasthani Yatri Team

3. Kishan Bagh – Sand Dune Park

kishan bagh

Before JDA redeveloped it in 2016, few people knew about Kishan bagh. It is located at the foothills of the Nahargarh Fort hill.

Kishan Bagh is a treat to the eyes for nature lovers. You can see many Rajasthani hardy plants, trees, birds etc.

Although there are many parks in Jaipur such as Jawahar circle, central park, City park Mansarovar etc but this park is completely different from all the other parks of Jaipur. You will realize it when you visit this fantastic place.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  8 km 

Ticket Price: Rs. 50/adult & Rs. 25/student (No digital payment, cash only.) For children below 6 yrs of age, entry is free.

November to March Timings: 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM (Park remains closed on Tuesday.)

April to October Timings: 6.30 AM to 6.30 PM (Park remains closed on Tuesday.)

Activities to do there: Enjoy flora and fauna, adore ravine landscape & nature

Things to take with you: Water, camera

4. Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuary


Jamwa Ramgarh wildlife sanctuary is situated on NH 55 around Ramgarh dam. In the monsoon season, the place looks mesmerizing. 

You can come here and chill with nature. If you sit patiently, you can witness the beauty of animals like cheetal, jackal, leopard, langoor, neelgai and more.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  34.5 km 

Ticket Price: Free Entry

Timing: 24 Hrs Open

Activities to do there: Feel the nature, enjoy waterfalls in monsoon, animal watching

Things to take with you: Water, camera, sports shoes, snacks

5. Nevta Dam

nevta dam

Neota/Nevta dam is another fantastic place to visit near Jaipur. You can easily reach here by bike or car. Main attraction of Neota dam/lake is the waterbody and birds. Migratory birds like northern Shoveler, Gadwall, and Eurasian wigeon can easily be seen here.

In the rainy season, many youths come here for a picnic. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets are another reason to come here. This picturesque place provides many angles and spots to click memorable photos.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  27 km 

Ticket Price: Free Entry

Timing: 24 Hrs Open

Activities to do there: Enjoy the water body, watch different birds

Things to take with you: Water, camera, sports shoes, snacks

6. Kanota Dam

kanota dam

Kanota dam is another place to enjoy pleasant weather near the water. The upper side of the dam has fresh water where you can gaze at eye-pleasing sunsets.

You get to see great bird life at Kanota dam. More than 30 species of birds are nesting here throughout the year.

I would suggest visiting Kanota dam in the rainy season. It looks more beautiful.

Also, you may have to take help from the locals to find the right way to visit Kanota dam. Two years ago when I visited, I almost got lost as I could not find the exact location of the dam.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  17 km 

Ticket Price: Free Entry

Timing: 24 Hrs Open

Activities to do there: Enjoy the water body, watch different birds, sunset and sunrise

Things to take with you: Water, camera, sports shoes, food

7. Sanganer Bazaar

sanganeri print clothing

Sanganer market is a great place to visit if you want to shop for the world-famous Sanaganeri block print clothing.

Be it bedsheets, salwar-kurta, shirts, turban, wedding clothing and dupatta. You can find almost everything in the Sanganer market at a cost-effective price.

One condition, your bargaining skills need to be strong before coming here.

Sanganer Bazar is a crowded place, so keep that in mind.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  Approx 16 km 

Timing: 11 AM to 10PM

Activities to do there: Shopping for Sanganeri print clothing, handicraft, street shopping.

Things to take with you: Camera, rest all you can find here.

8. Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Village

chokhi dhani

I know Chokhi Dhani is a popular place but in the article I am talking about lesser-known tourist places near Jaipur.

I am including Chokhi Dhani because it fits perfectly in the list as reaching here is easy. (within 50km)

Chokhi Dhani is a well known tourist destination near Jaipur that you can visit to get the Rajasthani village feel.

Chokhi Dhani ethnic village offers multiple entertainment options such as Katputli show, music and dance show etc.

You can also enjoy camel rides, elephant rides and eat delicious Rajasthani thali (dal-bati-churma) in the ethnic village.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  20 km 

Ticket Price (2 packages available):  Rs. 750 & Rs. 1200/person for Adults, Rs. 450 & Rs. 800/person for Children

Timing: 5:30 PM to 11 PM

What to enjoy there: Rajasthani thali, music, dance

Things to take with you: Camera

9. Bagru Town

bagru print clothing

Bagru town is famous for its hand-block print clothing. It is located on the Jaipur-Ajmer national highway. If you want to shop for ethnic Bagru print clothing then visiting the town is a great option.

You can also enjoy watching Bagru print workers doing their work in different styles. This could be a whole different experience.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  30 km 

10. Madhogarh Fort

madhogarh fort hotel bassi

This travel destination is different from all the tourist places I have listed previously.

Madhogarh fort is a 400 years old heritage hotel built by Madho singh. It is located in Madhogarh Village, 42 km from Jaipur on Jaipur – Agra highway.

If you are tired and want to disconnect from hectic city life. Staying at this property can be a good option.

Distance from Jaipur railway station:  48 km 

Final Word

These amazing weekend places near Jaipur provide peace, calmness, joy and adventure.

Doesn’t matter which age group you belong to, you can always find a travel destination that fits your needs.

As promised earlier, here are the Google map links to all the top 10 tourist places mentioned in the article.

Tourist DestinationGoogle Map Link
1. Achrol Forthttps://goo.gl/maps/5Ui6pHFpj1pf8e8Y9
2. Chandlai Lakehttps://goo.gl/maps/ppDG1tHeJJAJHD9Z6 
3. Kishan Baghhttps://goo.gl/maps/c9ZfWbYR9vrDXbF19
4. Jamwa Ramgarh Wildlife Sanctuaryhttps://goo.gl/maps/14J6V3bP6pJKJfdz6
5. Neota Damhttps://goo.gl/maps/zBr2SEBAGJEY5iAu5
6. Kanota Damhttps://goo.gl/maps/4qPPHRk5WHJ7V28v6
7. Sanganer Bazaar (Malpura gate)https://goo.gl/maps/S32PbT1Ab91MGVwC8
8. Chokhi Dhani Ethnic Villagehttps://goo.gl/maps/QxXfFgA9ASSqB2ex8
9. Bagru Townhttps://goo.gl/maps/hm6xYL4tBTzjVEJR7
10. Madhogarh Forthttps://goo.gl/maps/RtRuiKtsieJfCuB56

So among these 10 travel destinations near Jaipur, which one are you going to visit?

Do you know any other tourist destinations under the 50 km range from Jaipur?

Let me know in the comment section. I already appreciate your answers and comments.

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