Snake Park Kota – Every Thing You Need to Know

This year has been amazing for Kota. Along with being an educational hub for years, Kota also got a new identity as a tourism city.

Chambal River Front and Kota Chowpatty especially remained the topic of discussion in the state.

And now with the new year, there is good news for all the wildlife lovers of Rajasthan.

The state’s first Snake Park is going to open soon for visitors in Kota.

So, now you will get to see different types of snakes, not on National Geography or Discovery Channel but in real life.

So, discover what makes this Snake Park special with our insider information.

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About Snake Park

The brand new Snake Park building is constructed in Herbal Park situated near Bundi road.

Whopping amount 7.42 crores is spent on the building construction. A ground floor building is 9290 square feet and the first floor is 6703 square feet in area.

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A special glass rooms is created to give these rare snakes a favourable environment and for the safety of visitors.

Are you excited to know what species of snake you will be able to see in Snake park kota?

Keep on scrolling down!

Catch Sight of 33 Indian and American Snakes in “Snake Park Kota

There are 29 Indian and 4 American species of snakes in Kota Snake Park to enhance its beauty.

Indian snakes species you will see in Snake Park Kota

  • Indian cobra 
  • Trinket Snake
  • Kate Snake
  • Branded Cookery
  • Wolf Snake
  • Red Spotted Royal
  • Common Indian Krait
  • Russell’s Viper
  • Indian Python
  • Rat Snake
  • Checkered Nail Black
  • Bonz Beck Keel Snake
  • Forston Kate Snake
  • Banded Ratcher

American snake species you will see in Kota snake park

  • Mexican King Snake
  • Milk Snake
  • Corn Snake
  • Ball python 

Well which one you are excited to see during your visit let us know in the comment section below. 😉

Medical, science and forest researchers can visit Snake Park in Kota for research

Medical science students and forest department researchers can do research on snakes, their venom and antivenom and other medicines made from their venom in the Snake Park.

For this, labs and necessary facilities are here.

So, guys visit this thrilling Snake Park of Kota as soon as possible.

Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience!


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