Goram Ghat – Rajasthan’s Hidden Place (Trains, How to Reach)

Imagine a serene and picturesque tourist place in Rajasthan. A place untouched by crowds.

A place with cascading waterfalls, lush valleys, and stunning Aravalli mountain views.

That’s “Goram Ghat”, a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Let’s embark on this journey to experience the magic of this magnificent tourist attraction in Rajasthan.

Why Visit Goram Ghat?

Photo: Goram Ghat Scenic Train View

This captivating tourist destination offers something for everyone. Such as:

1. History

You can discover the rich history of Goram Ghat dating back to the British and Rajputana era. There is an amazing railway track laid in 1930 that was built to connect Mewar and Marwar princely states of that time.

Goram Ghat: In the middle of the valley you won’t even feel it’s Rajasthan.

2. Nature

It is a paradise for nature lovers. Here, you can hike through green valleys, be wowed by waterfalls, and spot diverse wildlife.

Goram Ghat Railway Bridge
Photo: Beautiful Goram Ghat Valley

3. Adventure

There are many tracks where you can go for trekking, camping under the stars, or enjoying scenic train rides.

Goram Ghat Railway Line
Image: Goram Ghat Railway Line

How to Reach Goram Ghat

Reaching Goram Ghat is a memorable experience. You can reach Goram Ghat via train or bus.

By Train

beautiful goram ghat train curve
Beautiful Goram Ghat Train Curve

There are two Goram Ghat train options. Its the same train that runs both ways on this railway track.

There is confusion: Many tourists are doubtful if the train is running on this route due to the ongoing broad gauge railway line development.

I will clear the confusion, the train is running on this route from Marwar to Khamlighat and Khamlighat to Marwar only. Goram Ghat station is in between these two stations. So YES, you can go to Goram Ghat by this train.

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1. Marwar Junction to Goram Ghat Train (09695 MJ-KBK PASSENGER)

You can enjoy the scenic railway route from Marwar junction to Goram Ghat in this passenger train via Phulad.

The train starts from Marwar Jn railway station at 12:15 PM and arrives at Goram Ghat station at 01:50 PM.

2. Goram Ghat Train towards Marwar Junction (09696 KBK-MJ PASSENGER)

The train departs from Goram Ghat station around 5:01 PM and reaches Marwar Jn at 6:40 PM.

Another Goram Ghat Train for Sightseeing

Note: This heritage train is cancelled for some time due to rail line work. It will resume after the work is finished.

Valley Queen Heritage Train (00961 – Valley Queen Spl)

vistadome Train
Photo: Valley Queen Heritage Train

You can experience the unique train journey on Goram Ghat railway route in The 1st heritage Vistadom train of Rajasthan.

Although, this train doesn’t stop at Goram Ghat station. It just passes through the station.

Its a fantastic option if you want to see the scenic beauty of Goram Ghat railway route. This train journey shows different flora and fauna, waterfalls, lush green valleys while sitting in this luxury 60 seater train.

It departs at 8:30 AM from Marwar Jn. The ticket for the heritage train costs ₹1900/person for both a single and return journey.

We have covered the full story about this Vistadom Goram Ghat Train. Check it out.

By Bus

To reach Goram Ghat, you can get a bus from Marwar station to Phulad. It will cost you around ₹50/person.

From Phulad, you can trek on a 6 KM long track towards Goram Ghat railway station.

Although, the track isn’t steep but you need good fitness to walk on this track. Don’t worry you won’t be alone on this track. Hundreds of people in the monsoon season walk on this track to reach Goram Ghat.

By Your Vehicle

You can also go by your vehicle but only to nearest surface level of the valley. From there you have trek.

Goram Ghat Waterfall
Photo: Goram Ghat Waterfall

Things to Do at Goram Ghat

  1. Ride the Goram Ghat Railway: This engineering marvel offers stunning views that will make you feel like you are traveling in Tamilnadu’s ‘Rameshwaram’.
  2. Chase Waterfalls: Small and big there are many waterfalls you can see, especially during monsoon season. These waterfalls are a refreshing sight.
  3. Visit Jogmandi Waterfall: It’s a fantastic waterfall where you can have real fun with your friends and family on a weekend trip.
  4. Photography: I don’t need to tell you that. Of course, you will take hundreds of pictures. There are countless places with scenic views where you can click memorable snaps.
  5. Hike and Trek: You can explore various trails in the area and experience the thrill.
  6. Gorakhnath Temple: You can visit Gorakhnath temple. The views of Aravali hills are stunning from here. You need to trek on a 2 Km track to reach this temple.

Best Time to Visit Goram Ghat

Goram Ghat Train Station
Photo: Goram Ghat Train Station

The best time to visit Goram Ghat is during monsoon (July-September). Lush green valleys and cascading waterfalls will win your heart.

Another good time is winter (November-February). During winter, the weather is pleasant for exploring Goram Ghat.

Avoid Summers: Goram Ghat is located in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. Although it is cooler than districts like Jaisalmer, Barmer, and Bikaner. But it is still not very travel-friendly in the summer.

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Travel Tips For Visiting Goram Ghat

  1. Pack light clothes, good shoes, a hat, a camera, sunscreen, water, food, a power bank, a mat, and bug spray.
  2. Stay on marked trails and be cautious near waterfalls.
  3. Campsites are available in the valley but in monsoon it is crowded.
  4. Hotels and guesthouses are not available in the Goram Ghat valley. You need to come down to Kamlighat to get an accommodation.
  5. You can find monkeys en route, so be friendly but also careful.
  6. Don’t indulge in arguments or fights, it’s not worth it. You are there to enjoy a magnificent place in Rajasthan not to fight.
  7. These trails are adventurous but can be tough for some people. Supporting each other will make this Goram Ghat journey awesome and memorable for a lifetime.

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How to Capture the Perfect Photo at Goram Ghat

Goram Ghat Railway Tunnel
Goram Ghat Railway Tunnel
  • There are countless viewpoints at Goram Ghat and the nearby area. There are waterfalls, trails, mountains, trees, boulders, and train tracks that are great spots to click the perfect picture.
  • Use natural light and experiment with camera angles. You will get a great picture.
Goram Ghat Railway Track
Image: Goram Ghat Railway Track Going Between Hills

Be a Sustainable Tourist

  • Pack out your trash and use reusable items.
  • Respect wildlife and plant life.
  • Support local businesses and follow local guidelines.

Such a Shame: I see many tourists going to Goram Ghat leaving their trash behind. It is such a shame on us humans, that we are not taking care of the beauties that nature has provided us.

Ready for Your Escape?

Goram Ghat awaits! With its natural beauty, adventure options, and rich history, it’s a hidden gem you won’t want to miss.

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