Paradise Lake Udaipur – Blue Water Like Pangong Lake Ladakh

Overview: Paradise Lake Udaipur is a hidden photogenic place to visit. The blue color lake makes you feel like you are visiting Leh-Ladakh. It is a must-visit place near Udaipur. Be cautious when visiting this not-so-touristy place. Why? Find more details in the story.

Paradise Lake Udaipur – Timings, Ticket Price, Address, Attractions

Paradise Lake Udaipur Timings24 Hrs Open
Paradise Lake Udaipur Ticket PriceFree Entry
Paradise Lake Udaipur – Things to Do1. Enjoy the view near the hills
2. Appreciate the beauty of Lake
3. Enjoy the clean water of lake
4. Take great pictures
5. Enjoy the serenity
Paradise Lake Udaipur – CautionDon’t swim in the lake, there are snakes in the water.
Paradise Lake Address📍FJMW+659, near gupta quarry, Udaipur, Surpalaya, Rajasthan 313801
Paradise Lake Near Udaipur ParkingAmple parking space near the lake
Paradise Lake Google Map Location Link

Are you looking to visit a distinctive tourist place near Udaipur?

‘Paradise Lake’ near NH 8 (Ahmedabad Highway) is an amazing place to go. This place has a picturesque setting that is perfect for relaxation and photography.

The lake and it’s surrounding are looks even more attractive in the monsoon season. This rainy season you should visit this place.

Paradise Lake – Attractions

  • Clean Water: The water in this lake is very clean. Finding such clean water is rare in nearby area.
  • Blue Water: Its teal blue color is attracting so many visitors to the lake. People have started calling it “Pangong Lake of Udaipur” due to the blue water.
  • Picture Perfect Location: The lake is in the middle of two hills. Surrounded area is also rocky making it a perfect location to click pictures.

Paradise Lake – Locality

Paradise Lake or Blue Water Lake in Udaipur is located at an old mining site. So, the locality not populous.

There are hills around the area. The road going towards the lake is full of pebbles and uneven. You may also find boulders in the area.

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Paradise Lake – Things to Know Before You Go

1. It was a Mining Site, Be Careful

Paradise Lake is formed because of mining between two hills. It is not a planned lake. So, it’s not a place to visit for everyone.

2. Don’t Swim in Water

The water of the lake is blue and looks clean. It is enticing to the eyes and you may want to jump in. But I won’t recommend it.

It was a mining site and the underwater surface is unknown. Lake could be so deep and rocky. It might hurt you while swimming.

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3. Snakes in the Water

There could be dangerous aquatic animals in the water. People have spotted snakes in the lake.

4. Small Unpaved Road

Once you get off the highway, you will a narrow paved road that will lead you to the lake. However, there is a small patch that is not paved.

5. Double Check Your Vehicle

Before you go to the lake, double check your vehicle whether everything is fine. If something breaks down, you will not easily find help there.

6. Locals block the Road

Sometimes, locals block the road going to the lake for people’s safety. There has been a couple of mishappening in the lake.

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Paradise Lake – How to Reach

By Your Vehicle

Reaching Paradise Lake in Udaipur is only possible if you have your own vehicle. There is no regular public transport service available.

If you are good with Google Map then you can follow the map location given above in the table. You will easily reach Paradise Lake.

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Paradise Lake – Photos

Photo: Paradise Lake Udaipur
Paradise Lake Udaipur Rocky Surface
Photo: Paradise Lake Udaipur Rocky Surface
Paradise Lake Udaipur in Monsoon
Photo: Paradise Lake Udaipur in Monsoon
Paradise Lake Udaipur Beautiful View
Photo: Paradise Lake Udaipur Beautiful View

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