Kota Chaupati – What to Eat, Timings, Ticket, Food Price, Photos

Quick Information about Kota Chaupati Kunhari

Prices of food itemsFrom ₹80 to ₹300
Entry Fee₹10 per person
Facilities➛ Drinking water & Air coolers
➛ Separate washroom for males & females
➛ Soap dispenser and electric hand dryer
➛ Free car and bike parking
Kota Choupati’s Opening Hours10 AM to 11 PM
Best time to visit Kota Chaupati5 PM to 11 PM
Orchestra (Live Show)Starts from 7 PM

Are you looking for vivid meals with an exotic menu under one roof in Kota?

Here is great news for Kota foodies!

Kota Choupati is inaugurated in Kota on the lines of Jaipur choupati.

Fact: 6.10 Lakh people visited both Mansarovar and Pratap Nagar chaupatis during November, 2021 to March 2022, its a record breaking number.

Rural and Development Minister Shanti Dhariwal dedicated the Chowpatty to the people on July 9 at 7:30 pm.

Jaipur Chowpatty, situated at Pratap Nagar and Mansarovar, is already a hotspot for Jaipurites to enjoy food.

I am sure that Kota Chaupati is also a trending spot for food lovers in Kota.

I know now you are getting impatient to go to Kota Chowpatty.

But before leaving for Kota Chaupati, wouldn’t you like to know what you are going to get in Kota Chaupati?

Here I am sharing all the information that you should know before going to Kota Chowpatty.

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How is the ambience?

The ambience is as beautiful as Jaipur Chowpatty. It is decorated beautifully with different lights and plants.

Kota Chowpatty is built at an area of 1984.93 sq. meters, so there is plenty of space for the sitting area.

150 people can sit together and can enjoy varieties of food.

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Along with that, there is an arrangement of a music system and a live orchestra.

So, people can enjoy great music along with delicious food.

Isn’t it great?

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Varieties of Food at Kota Choupati

There are 17 shops and 4 kiosks of food in Kota Chowpatty.

People can enjoy different types of cuisine like Italian, Chinese, Continental, South Indian, Rajasthani thali and Indian street food.

Several varieties of drinks, ice-creams and beverages are also there in Kota Chowpatty.

Overall, more than 3 dozen dishes are served at Kota Chowpatty.

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Facilities at Kota Chaupati

There are several other reasons that make Kota choupati a popular food zone among the crowd.

1.Garden: There is a beautiful garden at Kota chowpatty where you can sit and chit-chat with family and friends.

2. Parking Area:  Huge parking area is developed around Kota chowpatty to avoid inconvenience of vehicles. So, you can enjoy food without worrying about your vehicles.

3. Sitting Plaza: Spacious sitting area is a must to enjoy a meal.  Well rest assured Kota chowpatty has a substantial open-air sitting area surrounded with sparkling lights and greenery.

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Some of the seating arrangements are covered with patio umbrellas so that you can enjoy your street food comfortably in any weather.

4. Washroom Area: There is a facility of separate washroom for gents and ladies installed with hand wash soap dispensers.

5.Drinking Water: You don’t have to carry multiple water bottles. Drinking facility is available at Kota chowpatty. 

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Kota Chowpatty – A great destination to enjoy street food

Kota choupati is a combination of fun and food. This modern Chowpatty brings the flavours of different cuisine to one place at pocket-friendly prices.

What could be better than this? Right.

At Kota Choupati, you can get several varieties of dishes in one place without visiting multiple expensive restaurants and cafes—that too, with live music performances.

Added to this, the choupati provides lights, fans and air coolers in every corner of the food court, which is a great relaxation, especially in the summers.

Doesn’t that make the Kota chopati the best place to enjoy food?

What do you say, guys?

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Food shops at Kota Choupati

Every food stall at Kota choupati provides unique flavors of food.

Good news for Chai Lovers!

 The very famous Gulab Ji Chaiwala(Jaipur) is exclusively available at Kota choupati.

At the chopati, there are some new food startups too that offer budget-friendly food options. You should definitely give them a chance.

Below is the list of all the stalls with their names and shop numbers:

Shop Kota Choupati MenuPrice 
1. Al-Haram♦ Chicken Shawarma,
♦ Chicken Salad
♦ Shaan-E-Tandoor
2. Al-Kabeer Egg Corner♦ Egg Omelette & rolls
♦ Paratha, curry, Manchurian
♦ Sandwiches, Egg pizza
3. The House of Paratha♦ Alu paratha
♦ Veg Paratha
4. Veg Express♦ All veg Curries
♦ Regular Thali
♦ Delux Thali
5. Starters♦ Chap Special
♦ Paneer Special Chap
7. Mr.Beans PizzaAll Types of Pizza (yet to open)Yet to open
8. Shere Punjab Ice Cream♦ Kesar Pista, Kesar Kaju
♦ Chocolate, Strawberry
♦ Choco chips, mango,
11. We Desi♦ Chole Bhature, PavBhaji
♦ Nutri Kulcha
13. Nama Ji Caterers♦ Chowmein, Chaat
♦ Manchurian Chilli Paneer
♦ Pasta, Pani Patashi
♦ Samosa, Kachori, Alu Tikki
14. DakshinAll types of Dosa₹90-180
15. Malu Ji Wala Rajasthani     Food♦ Rajasthani Special Thali
♦ All Rajasthani Dishes
16. Temptations Pizza & Pasta♦ Pizza, Pasta
♦ Garlic Bread, Rolls
17. G9 Kulfi Shakes & Ice Creams♦ Matka Kulfi
♦ All types of Shakes
K-1. Toyes and Handicrafts♦ Soft toys, Wooden toys
♦ Remote control toys
♦ Board games
K-2. Gulab Ji Chaiwala♦ Special chai & coffee
♦ Refress drink, Sandwich 

Best time to visit Kota Choupati 

The Best time to visit Kota choupati is between 6 PM to 10 PM.

For the weekend visits, keep an eye on your watch and reach Kota Chaupati before 7 PM.

The place gets more crowded after that and finding a seat becomes difficult.

Kota Chaupati Location

RHB Colony, Kunadi, Electricity Board Area, Kota, Rajasthan 324008 | Google Map Link

Final Word

Just like Jaipur Chaupati, people can enjoy mouth-watering dishes under one roof at pocket-friendly prices, great music and beautiful surroundings.

What a great deal!

So, don’t forget to visit Kota Chowpatty with friends and family.

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