Chacha Kota, A Hidden Place – Scotland of Rajasthan

Overview: Chacha Kota is a hidden tourist place. This is a prime tourist spot in Banswara. It offers Scotland like vibe and sheer pleasure that you would not find anywhere in Rajasthan.

When you hear the word “Rajasthan,” the first picture that comes to mind is ‘desert’. Right?

If you think further, you may picture popular tourist spots in Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jodhpur, such as forts, baoris, mansions, and palaces.

But there is a place in Rajasthan that few people know about. It is called “Chacha Kota.”

Chacha Kota – A Hidden Tourist Spot

Chacha Kota is an exquisite village in Rajasthan, located 15 km away from Banswara, the city of 100 islands.

Chacha Kota is surrounded by lush green Aravalli hills and the backwaters of Mahi Dam. The dome-shaped hills with rich green farms make you feel like you are in Scotland, not Rajasthan.

The road that leads to Chacha Kota is also super-beautiful. The road curves, landscape, rice farms, and mud houses make Chacha Kota a must-visit hidden place in Rajasthan.

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Nobody Believes It is in Rajasthan

Chacha Kota in Banswara – City of 100 Islands

Nobody, in their wildest dreams, believes that a place like Chacha Kota is in Rajasthan.

I showed a picture of ‘Chacha Kota’ to many people and asked them where this place could be.

Many said Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Sikkim, & Nagaland.

When I told them it was in Rajasthan, nobody believed me.

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Best Time to Visit Chacha Kota

The best time to visit Chacha Kota is during the monsoon season (July to September). During the monsoon, Aravali hills are covered by low-hanging clouds, creating the heavenly appearance of Chacha Kota

chacha kota drone view of island
Chacha Kota – Rain Makes the Whole Village Lush Green

It rains a lot in Chacha Kota. In fact, the whole Banswara district gets the maximum rainfall in Rajasthan. That’s why Banswara is also called the ‘Cherrapunji of Rajasthan.’

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Chacha Kota: What to do there?

Chcha Kota is not a well-developed touristy destination. Its raw and natural. Here, you can experience many activities that you definitely can’t in cities.

1. Boating
sailor at chacha kota
A Sailor Sailing his Boat at Chacha Kota
boating at chacha kota
Small Boats at Chacha Kota Waiting for You.

Boating is one of the most-loved activities here. Tourists coming to Chacha Kota wish to explore the catchment area of Mahi Dam, and boating is the easiest and most satisfying activity to fulfil that wish.

Average Boating Charges: ₹50/person for 30 minutes (minimum 4 people required to start the boating)

Note: Chacha Kota is not a regulated place by the tourism department of Rajasthan. So, sailors may charge different prices depending on their needs and profit margins.

Don’t bargain for boating prices: Chacha Kota is a hidden place, and fewer people visit here. So local sailors don’t get enough rides to earn. If they charge ₹10-20 more, it wouldn’t affect you, but for them, it matters a lot.

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2. Walking on the beautiful road

Yes, walking here in Chacha Kota village can give you a different perspective on Rajasthan. As told earlier, the roads are beautiful here in Chacha Kota.

So, walking on the top-hill road and looking at the water, animals, village life, houses, birds, and wheat farms provides immense inner pleasure and satisfaction.

Believe me, its true in every sense. If you don’t believe me, go there and experience it yourself.

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3. Sit at the Top Hill & Soak Up in the Nature
chacha kota island
Chacha Kota Island

How often do you see such green, misty, and heartwarming places in your regular life? Rarely!

Most of us live in cities where chaos, traffic, and pollution are common. It sometimes takes a toll on our health.

Coming to Chacha Kota and indulging in nature can dramatically improve your health and mood.

So don’t forget this underrated activity when you go to Chacha Kota.

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4. Listen to the Sound of Water
water sound at chacha kota
Wonderful View From Shore at Chacha Kota, Water Waves Creates a Magical Sound

Man, it feels blissful when you listen to the water sound at Chacha Kota. It is a therapy.

The sound that air creates on the water, sound that oars create when you are boating. Don’t talk for some time; listen to it.

chacha kota boat oar
A Boat Oar Splashing Water and Making Ear Pleasing Sound at Chacha Kota

It will calm you, and fill your heart with joy and peace. I urge you, go there and do that.

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5. Click Memorable Photos

Its obvious. I don’t have to ask you to click on pictures. Right!

Going to such a beautiful place motivates you to snap some amazing photographs.

There are many good locations where you can capture memorable moments of your Chacha Kota trip.

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How to Reach Chacha Kota

There are four ways you can reach Chacha Kota.

By Flight
airport flights
Flights at the Airport

There is no airport in Banswara. The nearest airport is Maharana Pratap Airport, Udaipur.

If there are flights available to Udaipur from your city or nearby airport, then you can reach Udaipur.

From Udaipur, you can get a cab or taxi to Banswara or Chacha Kota.

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By Train
train station in india
Get a Train From Ratlam Station then Get a Cab to Chacha Kota

You can reach Banswara by train also, but there is no operating railway station here. The nearest train stations are Ratlam and Dungarpur.

Ratlam is 85 km from Banswara, and Dungarpur is 105 km. Dungarpur railway station is smaller compared to Ratlam.

From your city, you will find more trains to Ratlam than to Dungarpur. So, its better to find a train to Ratlam.

After reaching Ratlam, get a taxi or cab to reach Banswara or Chacha Kota.

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By Bus
bus travel
Bus Travel to Banswara

Both government and private buses are available to Banswara from major cities.

According to bus availability and your choice, you can pick any bus service.

From the Banswara bus stand, you can hire an auto to reach Chacha Kota.

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By Your Vehicle
car travel
Travel By Car is a Pleasant Experience

If you have your vehicle, then you can come by that also. Two major national highways connect Banswara or Chacha Kota to other cities.

  1. NH 56 ( Route: Chittaurgarh, Pratapgarh, Banswara, Alirajpur, Mandvi, Vapi in Gujarat.)
  2.  NH 927A (Route: Swaroopganj, Kotra, Dungarpur, Partapur, Banswara, Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh)

Caution: Some of the articles on the internet display old national highway information that connects Banswara to other cities. Don’t refer to that.

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Chacha Kota Distance From Nearby Cities

Chacha Kota distance from nearby cities are:

CityDistance From Chacha Kota
Jaipur 490 km
Ahmedabad 272 km
Udaipur 172 km
Ajmer 380 km
Delhi 842 km
Jodhpur 417 km

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How do I get to Chacha Kota via local public transport?

autorickshaw india
Hire an Auto Rickshaw from Banswara to Chacha Kota

Reaching Chacha Kota via public transport is possible by hiring an auto-rickshaw. Some autos run between Banswara and Chacha Kota.

They charge approximately ₹40/person for a single journey. You can get an auto from SP Chauraha or Naya Bus Stand.

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Chacha Kota Hotels

hotel room india
Hotel Room

Chacha Kota is not a developed tourist spot. There are no hotels in Chacha Kota.

In Banswara, you can find many hotels. Hotel rates are between ₹1000 to ₹3000 price bracket. There are no luxury hotels in Banswara.

Some good hotel names are Hotel Galaxy, Rara Avis Hotel, The Imperial by Vinayak Hotels, Hotel Landmark, Nakshatra Hotel etc.

To book hotels you can use below links and get additional discount.

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