Padajhar Waterfall – Amazing Hidden Place, Why You Should Visit?

Padajhar Waterfall is a breath-taking waterfall located only 10 km away from Rawatbhata, Chittorgarh (Rajasthan).

Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall is a hidden treasure that turns magical in monsoon season. The beautiful waterfall offers a serene escape to everyone.

If you want a refreshing weekend trip into nature’s lap, Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall is a great choice.

Many youths and families come to Padajhar waterfall to enjoy a picnic with loved ones.

Padajhar Waterfall – Quick Information

Padajhar Waterfall Timings24 hrs open
Padajhar Waterfall TicketsFree entry
Padajhar Waterfall Best Time to VisitMonsoon (August to September)
Padajhar Waterfall – Total Visit Duration2-3 hours

Padajhar Waterfall – Quick Things to Remember

1. Padajhar Waterfall is a desolated area.
2. Return before it gets dark.
3. Avoid bathing if water is muddy. (There could be small rocks in it.)
4. Road is unpaved and muddy in monsoon, drive slow.
5. Don’t let the fun go away because of obstacles. Just be careful and have fun.

Padajhar Waterfall – Why Should You Visit?

Image: Padajhar Waterfall Scenic View/ Photo Credit: Google

There are three reasons you should visit Padajhar Waterfall in Rawatbhata.

1. The magnificent waterfall

Padajhar Waterfall is a serene cascade in Rajasthan. Each year thousands of tourists visit the waterfall, especially in monsoon.

Milk-like water flowing down from the top creates a jaw-dropping reaction on everyone’s face. It looks amazing, trust me.

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2. The lush green surrounding

Padajhar Waterfall is nestled amidst the scenic Aravali Hills. Lush green hills, the tranquil atmosphere provides deep relaxation and joy to the bottom of your heart.

3. The Shiv Temple

There is a Lord Shiva temple hidden in a tiny cave behind the waterfall. The temple holds a special reputation and belief in the surrounding area.

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Padajhar Waterfall – Best Time to Visit

Monsoon (August to September) is the best time to visit Padajhar Waterfall. The waterfall functions with full flow and Aravalli hills turn lush green in the rainy season.

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Padajhar Waterfall in the Beginning of Monsoon (July Month)

Padajhar Waterfall July water flow
Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall Waterflow in July Month / Photo Credit: Google

Rain starts from July in Padajhar but the 3 km unpaved road turns slippery and muddy. Also, the waterfall gets muddy because full flow of heavy rain water brings mud & small stones with it. During this time, don’t bathe under the waterfall at all.

Three things you should keep in mind:
  1. Thick and humid air: It gets very humid by the waterfalls in July. The air is so thick that makes it hard to breathe down there.
  2. Stairs are steep: Folks with bad knees would find it hard to go there. Get help or avoid it.
  3. Soft ground: The bottom of the waterfall gets covered in tree roots and mud, not rocks. This makes it difficult to stand on the ground.
Padajhar Waterfall stairs
Padajhar Waterfall Stairs / Photo Credit: Google

Caution: The the road going towards the waterfall gets muddy during rainy months, so drive carefully.

Padajhar Waterfall – Ditch the Hustle and Bustle, Embrace Nature

Padajhar Waterfall beautiful water surface
Padajhar Waterfall Soothing Flow of Water / Photo Credit: Google

City life, long job hours, traffic jams and pollution are affecting the health of people.

Corporate employees, government working professionals, and other sector workers are facing constant work pressure.

To relieve that pressure, a trip into nature’s lap is a perfect decision for you. 

If you want to relax every cell of your body, come to Padajhar Mahadev waterfall. Your experience will be memorable.

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Try this and Uplift Your Mood

Carefully see the photo below for 5 seconds.

Padajhar Waterfall
Photo: Padajhar Waterfall Rawatbhata, Rajasthan/ Photo Credit: Google

Now pay attention and read the following phrases.

  1. Water falling
  2. Sound of water
  3. Mist spray

Now Close your eyes and imagine the above photo.

Oh! Come on, don’t look around. Do this. You will thank me later.

Did you imagine? Want to make it a reality? Pack your bag this monsoon and go to Padajhar Waterfall.

But thank me now by sharing this article with friends on WhatsApp group or Telegram group.

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Padajhar Waterfall – Is It Safe for Girls and Families?

Padajhar Waterfall family picnic
Family Enjoying a Picnic at Padajhar Waterfall / Photo Credit: Google

The area near the Padajhar waterfall is lonesome but many families and girls visit the waterfall. Overall it’s safe for girls to visit the waterfall.

But I would suggest to visit this hidden gem in the daytime. Return before sunset.

Caution: There are stairs that take you to the temple cave. In monsoon, these stairs are slippery due to rain and moss. So Be careful while going down.

Padajhar Mahadev – The Temple

Padajhar Waterfall shiva temple in a cave
Padajhar Waterfall Lord Shiva Temple in a Cave / Photo Credit: Google

A hidden Shiva temple is nestled in a cave beneath the waterfall. It adds a sacred aura to the natural atmosphere.

Many people living around the waterfall and nearby villages visit the temple quite often, especially on Mahashivratri.

Remember: The surface near Padajhar waterfall and nearby area is rocky. Walk carefully.

Padajhar Waterfall rocky surface area
Padajhar Waterfall Rocky Surface Area / Photo Credit: Google

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Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall Distance

car travel
Car Journey to Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall is a Great Experience / Photo Credit: Pexel

Padajhar Waterfall is situated approximately 10 kilometers away from the center of Rawatbhata. The enchanting waterfall is only 60 km from Kota and 120 km from Chittorgarh.

Distance of Padajhar Waterfall from other major cities

CityDistance from Padajhar Waterfall
Kota60 km
Bundi96 km
Chittorgarh120 km
Bhilwara135 km
Udaipur236 km

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How to Reach Padajhar Waterfall?

beautiful Padajhar Waterfall july water flow
Amazing Padajhar Waterfall in Monsoon / Photo Credit: Google
By Flight

The nearest airports is Udaipur airport which is 236 km away from Padajhar Waterfall. From there you can hire a taxi to Rawatbhata or Padajhar.

By Bus

You can take a bus to Rawatbhata from nearest cities like Kota, Bundi, Chittorgarh etc. RSRTC and other private bus operators regularly operate buses on Rawatbhata route.

By Train

You can come to Padajhar Mahadev via train. Nearest train station is Kota which is 60 km away. From there you can hire a taxi to Padajhar waterfall, Rawatbhata.

By Car

Rawatbhata is connected to other cities of India by national and state highways. If you are coming from Kota then State Highway 33 can take you to Rawatbhata. (it is the best route to Padajhar)

If you are coming to Padajhar from Chittaugarh then NH 27 can take you up to Katunda, then Mandalgarh-Bhainsrorgarh Road can lead you to Padajhar.

Coming to Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall by car is an awesome experience.

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Hotels Near Padajhar Waterfall

hotel room india
Its better to stay at Kota Hotel Rooms / Photo Credit: Google

Padajhar waterfall is located in a remote area. Also, its not a touristy place so there are no hotels near Padajhar waterfall.

In Rawatbhata you can find some guest houses where you can stay. Don’t expect much amenities.

Better choice is to stay in Kota which is 1 hour away from Rawatbhata.

Places to Visit Near Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall

beautiful Padajhar Waterfall tree
Beautiful Padajhar Waterfall Tree / Photo Credit: Google

There are many water bodies like dam and waterfalls near Padajhar.

  1. Chuliya Waterfall: Distance from Padajhar is – 5 km
  2. Rana Pratap Sagar dam: Distance from Padajhar is – 20 km
  3. Jangli Waterfall: Distance from Padajhar is – 10 km
  4. Mandesra Waterfall: Distance from Padajhar is – 7 km

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Please Keep Padajhar Waterfall Clean

Padajhar Waterfall
Littering at Padajhar Waterfall. Please Don’t Destroy the Nature.

I see many people visit such beautiful natural places like Padajhar waterfall and throw plastic wrappers here and there. I feel angry and sad both at the same time.

Why can’t people understand that littering and destroying such amazing places is bad?

Why can’t we throw garbage into the dustbin?

If there is no dustbin then why can’t we bring the garbage back with us and throw it into the dustbin?

If we can carry those food wrappers there, why can’t we bring empty wrappers back? Are they too heavy?

Frequently Asked Questions About Padajhar Waterfall

#1: What is the Padajhar Mahadev’s distance from Kota?

Kota is only 60 km away from Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall. Kota-Chittorgarh highway is the easiest way to reach Padajhar waterfall.

#2: Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall – Is it safe for girls?

Yes, its safe for girls to visit Padajhar waterfall. Many families visit the waterfall every year.

#3; Can I go to Padajhar Waterfall on scooty?

Yes, you can go by scooty but it would be difficult. Its better to go on a motorcycle.

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#4: Do I have to buy ticket to visit Padajhar waterfall?

No, entry is free to Padajhar waterfall.

#5: What is the best time to visit Padajhar Waterfall?

August and September are the best months to visit Padajhar waterfall.

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This monsoon visit Padajhar Mahadev Waterfall but keep it clean. Have a safe journey.

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