Shivalik Dam: Most Trending Monsoon Destination in Udaipur

Shivalik Dam Udaipur – Entry Fee, Timings, How to Reach, Attractions

Shivalik Dam Timings7 AM to 7 PM
Shivalik Dam Ticket PriceFree
Best time to visit Shivalik DamDuring Monsoon (July to September)
Shivalik Dam Things to See/Activities1. Stunning waterfall
2. Adventures Road
3. Take a dip in the pool
4. Enjoy Family Picnic
5. Walk in the knee length deep water
Shivalik Dam Udaipur – Duration to visit2-3 Hours
Things to carry at Shivalik DamRaincoat, Food, Umbrella, UV sunglasses, Drinking Water, Camera, Cap, First Aid Kit
Shivalik Dam Location📍Village Bhadviguda, Gogunda, Majam, Rajasthan 313705
Shivalik Dam Udaipur Reviews4.6/5
Shivalik Dam – Google Map Link
Shivalik Dam Udaipur ParkingAvailable on the road.

Shivalik Dam, located near Udaipur, in the Aravali mountains is a most viral monsoon destination in Rajasthan.

Green cliff, cascading water, an amazing landscape, and its natural setup provide a unique allure. For those who love nature and seek adventure in the monsoon, this place is irresistible.

Want to know more about this hidden gem in Udaipur? 

Look no further, let me take you on an immersive journey to the enchanting Shivalik Dam. 

Wear good shoes: You need to walk for 3 km to reach the dam from highway. So, wear cushiony shoes.

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Shivalik Dam Photos – 3 Feet Deep Pool and Fall

Spellbound in majestic meanderings

It is said that the journey is more fun than reaching the destination.

You will experience the same while visiting Shivalik Dam from Udaipur. The journey through the dense mountains is nothing short of an adventure. 

During the rainy season, the lush green fodder on the mountains, beautiful undulating fields, and the clouds wrapping their arms around the mountains will make your journey more delightful and romantic.

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Unwind the beauty of Shivalik Dam 

Located in the middle of a breathtaking landscape, the Shivalik Dam stands tall as a manifesto of scenic beauty.

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Initially, you will encounter a small water crossing between the farms, but as you venture further there you see clear pristine water finding its way through big rocks.

Many people sit on these rocks and dip their feet in flowing water some others like to sit and cook. 

Guys have you already started imaging how amazing this place could be then hold on 

Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!

Move a bit more there your breath skips a bit. You see mesmerizing views of nature.

The big green mountain forming the wall-like structure and tranquil water cascading from the top will awaken you.

You will see many people and children enjoying water activities. 

There are stairs to go on top, when you reach there you will see a river (dam water) flowing between the mountains, creating a magical aura.

Shivalik Dam Walking in the River
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Images: Shivalik Dam Walking in the River

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Behold spectacular scenic views

For photography aficionados and nature lovers, the Shivalik Dam is no less than heaven on earth.

Every bit of this place treats you with stunning views that are worth capturing either from the camera or eyes.

The clouds hovering over the mountains, greenery-filled landscape, crystal-clear water cascading, people involved in fun activities, and enchanting atmosphere boasts picturesque settings.

Whether you are a professional photographer or just want to capture memorable moments from your phone, the captivating beauty of Shivalik Dam from every angle will leave your camera and phone memory full and your batteries low.

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Drench in Adventure

For those who are seeking adventure this monsoon don’t look elsewhere Shivalik Dam is the perfect destination.

Water crossing, waterfall, tranquil river, and Rocky terrain all together create a plethora of adventure activities.

You can swim in rivers or waterfalls, trek along the mountains, and play different water games in the pool. 

The beautiful nature surrounding Shivalik Dam makes it the most ideal place for a family picnic in the monsoon.

Thanks to Mother Nature who gives us so much without asking.

Shivalik Dam View
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Photo: Shivalik Dam Beautiful River View

Immerse in local culture and tradition  

Interacting and involving with localities can be the everlasting and most memorable experience of your trip to Shivalik Dam. 

I remember once I was passing by a small village and stopped there to capture some pictures of pot makers. They welcomed me with my family inside their house and offered us tea. We spent 3 to 4 hours with them. They humbly asked for dinner and invited us for their family function. Before leaving they also gave us a pot full of buttermilk. Such a lovely family it was and we had the best time with them that I still remember and cherish.

A great experience of mine

Involving with localities can give you deeper knowledge about the local culture, traditions, colorful festivals, and customs.

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Best time to visit 

The best time to visit Shivalik Dam is during monsoon. The weather remains pleasant and the rainy season turns the entire region into lush green heaven.

During monsoon, the dam overflows, and water from the dam falls from heights which makes the whole place look romantic and worth visiting.

During rainy season, the place is overcrowded, especially on weekends so if you want to avoid crowds choose to visit on weekdays.

Note: Don’t forget to check the weather forecast before planning your trip to Shivalik Dam.

How to reach Shivalik Dam

One can easily reach Shivalik Dam by road after reaching Udaipur. 

Shivalik Dam is located 8 km before Gogunda village. To reach there you have to take the Udaipur-Pindwara highway. 

Interesting Fact: Udaipur-Pindwara highway road (Udaipur -Mount Abu) has been recently awarded the Most Scenic Road Destination Award.

The distance of Shivalik Dam from Udaipur is 25 km, and it takes around 45 mins to reach.

Once you reach Udaipur you can hire a taxi or auto else you can rent a bike to reach Shivalik Dam.

The journey from Udaipur to Shivalik Dam is a feast for eyes offering some of the most amazing scenic views.

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Shivalik Dam Serenity
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Photo: Enjoy Shivalik Dam Serenity

How to reach from Udaipur 

By Road:

From Udaipur, take Pindwara Highway NH27, after 23 km ahead, take the right side to reach Shivalik Dam, keep moving ahead about 1km more, and there you see the exhilarating Shivalik Dam.

By Air:

Udaipur is well connected by Airways. Depart from Maharana Pratap Airport, Dabok. From there you can move ahead towards Shivalik Dam by road via Gogunda- Pindwara highway NH27

By Train:

If you choose to travel by train, then all you have to do is reach Jawahar Nagar railway station Udaipur. From there according to your convenience, you can reach Shivalik Dam by road by continuing your journey by NH27.

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Parking Facility 

There is no particular parking space near Shivalik Dam as it is a natural place. 

You can park your vehicle near the highway approx 2 km away from the main dam. 

The inner road is narrow and slippery. Half of the way to the dam has knee-level water steam which one has to pass by to reach the destination.

Accommodation and Dining options 

Shivalik Dam is situated in a village so you might not find proper accommodation and dining options around Shivalik Dam.

But Udaipur City offers a wide range of accommodation and dining options which is only 45 mins away from Shivalik dam.

From luxurious hotels and resorts to budget-friendly guest houses, you can easily find a stay in Udaipur.

Fine dining options around Shivalik Dam are less so it’s better to carry your food alongside. Though you can find snacks and chai during monsoon season around Shivalik Dam.

Shivalik Dam Mountains
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Images: Shivalik Dam Mountains

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Nearby attraction 

Shivalik Dam is one of the most amazing destinations to enjoy in Udaipur Rajasthan, there are many other amazing nearby places  in Udaipur like Nathdwara and Rajsamand which can make your trip enjoyable and memorable. 

Nearby lesser-known attraction 

Shivalik Dam is the most trending monsoon destination in Udaipur. But there are many other stunning places near Udaipur which are worth exploring during monsoon like charming villages Rayta and Alsigarh, magnificent temples and secluded natural places.

Final Words 

Guys Monsoon 2024 is at your doorstep. As You plan your monsoon getaway, consider captivating Shivalik Dam. 

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