Rajasthan’s 3rd Largest Bird Sanctuary – A New Offbeat Tourist Place in Jaipur

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Rajasthan’s third largest bird sanctuary is being developed in Jaipur. There are already two bird sanctuaries in Rajasthan. 1st, Keladevi bird sanctuary and 2nd, Talchapar bird sanctuary.

This new bird sanctuary is being developed near Neota dam which is a great offbeat tourist place in Jaipur within a range of 50 Km.

The bird sanctuary covers the area of 244 hectare and divided into 7 blocks. All those 7 blocks will be have water throughout the year to support the birdlife.

Neota bird sanctuary is inspired by Keladevi bird sanctuary. Experts from Keladevi sanctuary are providing their valuable suggestion to develop this new bird sanctuary.

The government will spend ₹8 crore to build Nevta bird sanctuary. This new natural tourist place in Jaipur will be a great spot for bird lovers.

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Nevta Bird Sanctuary – Attractions

At the entry gate of the bird sanctuary a park is being developed. The entry to the park will be free. Although, you have to buy a ticket to enter the Nevta bird sanctuary.

3 out of 7 blocks of the bird sanctuary will have fresh rain water. Rest 4 blocks will have Neota dam’s water.

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3 Parts of the Neota Bird Sancturay

Nevta Bird Sancturary will have three parts:

  1. Wetland: The area will be for birds who live in water.
  2. Grassland: This area will have grass where birds can live, get food and hide.
  3. Woodland: Many fruit plants are planted in this area to provide food for different domestic and migratory birds.

In Nevta bird sanctuary, 25 mounds are built to protect the foreign birds. In these mounds bird can feel safe and mate.

A thick mud wall is also being developed around the mound that will also serve as a track for tourist visiting this exciting bird sanctuary.

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Neota Bird Sanctuary – Opening date

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Government is planning to open this Neota bird sanctuary in next six months for public. 60% of the work is already finished. Authorities will finish the rest of the 40% work soon.

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