Best Jaisalmer Desert Camps – Sleep Under the Stars

The golden city of Jaisalmer, surrounded by the Thar desert, is a royal city in the state of Rajasthan. Known for its camel and jeep safaris amidst the beautiful desert, camping in Jaisalmer is a popular tourist activity.

The exhilarating beauty of the Thar desert and the beautiful Jaisalmer desert camp appeal to tourists all around the globe.

In the Thar desert, there is no shortage of camps; you will find budget camps and even luxurious camps that provide several activities like desert camel safaris, Jeep safaris, parasailing, romantic dinners, and stargazing for all the tourists.

If you are planning a trip to the desert, here are the best Jaisalmer desert camps. Go with any of the camps suiting your needs the best. 

List of the 5 best Jaisalmer desert camps

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Image: Jaisalmer desert camping campfire area

1. Winds Desert Camp

One of the most luxurious Jaisalmer desert camps is Winds Desert Camp. It has 20 Swiss AC and non-AC tents with a private bathroom and other modern amenities.

The camp is spread over a massive piece of land engulfed by the Thar desert all around. It is located 43 km away from Jaisalmer airport and offers pickup and drop-off to their campers.

Activities offered:

  • Desert camel safari
  • Jeep safari
  • Parasailing, paramotoring, and quad biking.
  • A romantic dinner in the desert
  • Stargazing
  • Guided excursions to nearby villages and tourist attractions
  • Cultural entertainment: folk dance and music
  • Authentic Rajasthani food.

Price: Packages start from ₹8,000 to ₹15,000. 

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rajasthan desert camping drone view
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Photo: Jaisalmer Rajasthan desert camping drone view

2. Rajputana Desert Camp

Another luxurious desert camp in Jaisalmer is the Rajputana desert camp in Sam village. It is an exquisite property with 35 tents in total, comprising both Swiss camps and AC cottages.

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The rooms have attached bathrooms and all the amenities you can think of. The camp is located 200 m from Sam Dunes, allowing visitors to indulge in many activities here. 

Activities offered:

  • Camel tour
  • Paragliding 
  • Dirt bike tours
  • Jeep safari
  • Musical dance performance by local artists.
  • Authentic food is available.

Price: ₹3000 for a tent or camp and ₹5500 for an AC cottage.

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rajasthan desert camping room
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Image: Jaisalmer desert camping room

3. Pal Rajah Resort

Looking for a cozy and intimate desert camp? Then, Pal Rajah Resort, with its eight luxury tents and three mud huts, is the ideal choice for you.

Even though the rooms are few, they do not compromise the amenities. It offers a breath-taking view of the sunset and is also near a border of agricultural land. It is secluded, offering a private experience to tourists. 

Activities offered:

  • Camel and Jeep safaris
  • Sleeping under the night sky.

Price: ₹5,500 per night.

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rajasthan desert camping common sitting area
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Rajasthan desert camp common sitting area

4. Prince Desert Camp

Another stunning desert camp in the Thar desert is Prince Desert Camp. It is a luxurious camp with over 30 tents with attractive interiors and attached bathrooms.

It is located in an intimate setting, ensuring complete privacy. The camp overlooks dunes, so you can watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset right from your tent.

Activities offered:

  • Desert camel safari
  • Jeep safari
  • DJ night and campfire
  • Cultural folk and music dance
  • Intimate dinner on the sand dunes.

Price: ₹7,000 per night.

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rajasthan desert camping bathroom
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Jaisalmer Rajasthan desert camp bathroom

5. Oasis Camp

One of the best budget-friendly camps in Jaisalmer’s desert is Oasis Camp. Nestled opposite Sam Sand Dunes, it is best for campers who want to pay less but enjoy a dearth of activities.

Moreover, this camp is open year-round, so even during the off-season, you can enjoy desert camping in Jaisalmer.

It has Swiss camps with modern amenities but limited hot-water supplies. Additionally, they serve only vegetarian food; if you want non-vegetarian food, you will have to pay extra.

Activities offered:

  • Desert safari 
  • Jeep safari in the desert
  • Cultural dance and music programs.

Price: ₹2000–3000 as per customization.

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How do I reach Jaisalmer?

By air:

airport flights
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Fly to Jodhpur Airport then Take a Taxi to Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer has an airport, but it is not accessible to the public. So, the nearest airport is Jodhpur Airport, which is well connected to major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. Book a private taxi to reach Jaisalmer.

By train:

train journey india
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Train to Jaisalmer is available from all over India.

Jaisalmer railway station is well-connected to multiple cities in India. You can book tickets on popular trains like the Jodhpur Jaisalmer Express, the Howrah Jaisalmer Express, and more. 

By road:

Use public buses and cabs to easily reach Jaisalmer with its well-connected roads.

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Best Time to Visit Jaisalmer

Dechu Village Camel Safari Phalodi Jodhpur
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Camel Safari Jaisalmer

If planning a stay at one of the beautiful Jaisalmer Desert Camps, ensure you pick the winter season. From October to March, you can camp out in Jaisalmer, as the weather is pleasant, allowing you to enjoy the adventurous activities better.

In the summer season, the scorching heat makes it unbearable to explore the desert properly.

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Staying in Jaisalmer desert camps is one of the most exhilarating and unique experiences you will have in India.

Watching a magical sunset or sunrise amidst the desert to see the fiery orange sky meeting the desert skyline is a magical experience.

Moreover, when you stay in a desert camp in Jaisalmer, you can explore the nearby villages like Kuldhara village or the desert national park to explore the exotic flora and fauna, and so on.

So, pack your bags and head to Jaisalmer to experience the desert like never before. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Jaisalmer best known for?

Jaisalmer, a nomadic desert city, is known for many things, like the Jaisalmer Fort, Patwon Ki Haveli, and so on. However, it is best known for desert camping in Jaisalmer. 

2. Is the Thar desert too far from the main city of Jaisalmer?

No, the Thar desert is located only 42–45 km away from Jaisalmer city. Reaching here is easy, as the roads are well maintained by the Indian Army.

3. What can you shop in Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer has a vibrant market culture. There are markets dedicated to specific things, like:

  • Sadar Bazaar for carpets and paintings.
  • Sonaron Ka Bass for Silver Jewelry
  • Manak Chowk for leather items
  • Pansari bazar for home decor items

4. Is Jaisalmer safe for travelers?

Yes, Jaisalmer is quite safe for travelers, even solo travelers. Just ensure that you do not wander on your own in the desert. Also, respect the people and the culture to ensure your trip goes smoothly. 

Thanks for reading, see you in the next article.

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